The Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company Wants You to be Informed (New and Improved!)

These days, more and more people are discovering ionized alkaline water and why it is so popular with so many.  Not everyone though, knows  exactly what it is. 

Unsure about ionized water?
Unsure about ionized water?

Case in point; someone asked me if you had to add an alkalizer to the water to make it alkaline.  I explained you didn’t need to add anything to the water when you own a Tyent water ionizer.  Merely introduce the water into the Tyent system and the machine does the rest.

It transforms the water from ugly tap water into beautiful Tyent Water replete with vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc.  The water is also purified through our Dual Filtration process which is one of the most effective methods of removing impurities in the industry.

The water becomes hydrogen rich and able to hydrate you much better than before. Tyent water is loaded with antioxidants which are proven disease fighters.  They not only kill the free radicals they come in contact with, they help prevent other free radicals from forming.

Those are a few good reasons to make the switch from conventional tap water to cleaner, healthier, Tyent Water.

Any Other Reasons to Buy a Tyent Water Ionizer?

Indeed there are.  The filtration system used in Tyent water purifiers does a remarkable job of cleaning the water while reducing the presence of literally hundreds of chemicals present in tap water.

Then there is the money saved and more by owning a Tyent Machine.  By that I mean, if you don’t have a water filtration system in your home but don’t drink tap water, you probably buy your water in a bottle believing you are getting cleaner water.  In one sense, depending on which water you purchase, that may not hold entirely true. 

money down the drain

It is a fact that around 25% of all bottled water is municipal water which is just city water that has been cleaned up by adding more chemicals to it.  Even if you buy natural Spring Water, you are paying around a dollar and a half per bottle and that can add up quickly.  Additionally, though the Spring Water may be good, the container that holds it is very bad for a number of reasons.

For starters, plastic is made from petrol-based chemicals.  The manufacturing of plastic is a terrible polluter and then there is the bottle itself.  When these plastic bottles get warm such as being in the car or out in the sun, they begin to break down and leach those chemicals into your drink.  They don’t have to get real warm to do this either.  The process could have already begun before you ever bought it.

After consumption, you then you have to throw away or recycle the plastic bottle.  I believe only about 35% of plastic bottles are recycled, the rest end up in landfills and in our oceans and waterways. 

Plastic bottles garbage

Consider this.  Johann Sebastian Bach was born in 1685.  Had his parents thrown away a plastic bottle when he was born, it wouldn’t fully disintegrate for an additional 100 years!  I find that really scary considering the billions of plastic bottles that are thrown away each year worldwide.

Good for Your Body, Good for our Planet

A Tyent machine gives you cleaner water, a cleaner planet and saves you money all at the same time.  Hard to beat.  How many plastic bottles of water do you go through in a week?  Let us know in the comments how many you could be replacing with a water ionizer!

Look into purchasing a Tyent water ionizer…it’s time.

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