Tried-and-True Tips to Switch from Soda to Water

If you’re trying to lose weight or simply get healthier, one must-do tool in your get-fit arsenal should be to cut empty calories. Empty calories are what we consume in foods and beverages that yield few or no beneficial nutrients—but pack on plenty of calories. Consuming food and beverage items like soda, energy drinks, pizza, hot dogs, and junk food will rack up your calorie count while offering you no nutrients in return.

That’s why switching from soda to water is a perfect way to cut empty calories. Water doesn’t have any calories, but hydrates our bodies and gives us necessary minerals. In the case of alkaline ionized water, you can actually drink antioxidants and hydroxyl ions through your water. You won’t find any of these benefits in a can of pop, we’re afraid, though you will find highly processed sugar and color-dye additives.

The American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 450 calories per week from sugar-sweetened beverages. That category lumps together pop, sweet coffee drinks, energy drinks, and all related beverages. 450 calories is approximately the equivalent of three cans of cola, so if you’re serious about switching from soda to water, here are a few tips to speed up your transition:

  1. Start with substitutions. How many sodas do you drink per day? If you drink four, start by subbing two of them for a glass of antioxidant-rich Tyent Water™.  After a week or so goes by, try subbing three of them for ionized water. Go gradual, but strive to cut out the daily routine of having soda.
  2. Find new ways to take a break. For many soda addicts, the act of going to get a soda is half the fun. It’s a nice break in the day or evening to step outside the office or home and get a treat. You definitely deserve a break, but try doing something else that doesn’t involve food or drink: taking a brisk walk, calling a good friend or significant other, stretching, yoga, or desk exercises.
  3. Spice it up. If you find plain water too boring, get creative with your add-ins. Healthy additions to plain water are tea bags or leaves, chopped-up fresh or frozen fruit (especially strawberries, limes, and lemons), herbs (like mint and basil), and cucumber. Many green and white teas are excellent choices, because they tend to stay alkaline after brewing.
  4. Add ice. Don’t forget to use lots of ice in your water, just as you would with soda. Many people enjoy crunching the ice at the end of a large soda, so buy a bag of crushed ice for home or work when trying to switch to water. If you’re using Tyent alkaline ionized water, even better: it will retain its high pH when frozen into ice cubes. The crunchy, half-melted texture will remind you of drinking a pop.

Good luck! For the healthiest water available, we recommend Tyent water ionizers. Tyent ionizers fit on top of or underneath your kitchen counter. You’ll be up to six times more hydrated with our alkaline ionized water, and you’ll be avoiding all of the contaminants present in many tap water sources.

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