Reasons to Ionize Your Water

Reasons to Ionize Your Water

When people first hear about water ionizers, they usually have a few questions. Why shouldn’t I just drink the water that comes out of my kitchen faucet? Isn’t bought water from a water bottle good enough? And, since people have been drinking regular water for centuries, isn’t it okay for me to drink it?

We understand these questions, because everyone has them when they start learning about alkaline ionized water for the first time. We hope to answer some of your inquiries about why you should consider water ionization here, with these reasons to ionize your water.

Alkaline ionized water is a powerful antioxidant. Most health-conscious people nowadays understand the power of antioxidants, but many believe that they need to buy antioxidant supplements to neutralize those free radicals. Ionized water is a liquid antioxidant, so it absorbs into the body easily. Normal water doesn’t have these benefits. Plus, the one-time cost of a water ionizer is cheaper in the long run than antioxidant supplements.

Tap and bottled water just isn’t alkaline. Scan the menu of a popular restaurant or walk down heavily traveled grocery store aisles, and you’ll see how common a high-acidic diet is in our culture. Non-alkaline water is just that: non-alkaline. Alkaline water works to combat the large amounts of soft drinks, fast food, and processed foods that contribute to an acidic body.

It can help increase your energy level and endurance. Non-ionized water usually does the job of generally hydrating you. But FYI: Non-ionized water does not always hydrate very well, especially as people age. Ionized water can do a better job, thanks to the smaller water molecule size and extra oxygen present within the molecule. Better hydration is a high-value prospect to athletes, who need water to help hydrate quickly to stay on top of their game.

The U.S. Olympic speed skating team actually uses Tyent water ionizers in their training facility! We’re glad that our water ionizers can help support their excellence in competition. Even if you’re not an Olympic athlete—or you’re far from it—you’ll still notice improved energy from drinking Tyent water ™.

Image credit: Argonne National Laboratory on Flickr.

If ionizing your water is starting to sound like a good prospect to you, we suggest checking out the Tyent lifetime warranty before you consider other brands. We offer the highest levels of alkaline ionized water available in the industry today, and over-the-counter and under-the-counter ionizer designs to suit your kitchen and lifestyle perfectly.

Have more questions about why you should ionize your water with a Tyent water ionizer? Reach out to us through Facebook, Twitter, and our website.


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