The Water in California: Is it Really a Cocktail of Carcinogens?

A new study done by the Environmental Working Group has revealed that the cocktail of toxins and contaminants in the Californian municipal water supply could contribute to 15,500 cases of cancer over the course of an average lifetime.

Read on to learn more about the water in California and what Californians should use to effectively filter their water:

  1. What’s in the Water in California?
  2. Is It Safe to Drink the Water in California?
  3. What’s the Best Type of Water Filter to Use?
  4. What Are Tyent Filters Capable Of?
the water in California
The water in California: just how big is the problem?

What’s in the Water in California?

With chemicals and radioactive particles including hexavalent chromium (the ‘Erin Brockovich’ chemical); uranium, radium, disinfectant by-products and arsenic rife in the public water system, scientists are pushing for urgent research into how these deadly contaminants interact with each other.

Cancer risks are commonly assessed and explored by studying the individual element and its perceived effect on our health.

Some of the pollutants might be at ppb (parts per billion) levels that are legally acceptable, but only when viewed as a single component.

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Is It Safe to Drink the Water in California?

It’s crucial that work is carried out to understand what the possible implications are when all these highly toxic elements integrate.

In other words, the effect of the combined contaminants may be significantly more harmful than the sum of the individual toxins.

 “Assessing the cumulative risks from multiple contaminants is very complicated and there is no general consensus on the best way to do it.” – Sam Delson, State Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

In the meantime, scientists believe that arsenic – carcinogenic at even very low levels – is emerging as one of the most dangerous contaminants in the water system.

When it comes to arsenic in the water, “there’s no safe level,” according to Dr. Kelly Reynolds from the University of Arizona.

What’s the Best Type of Water Filter To Use?

Reynolds – who wasn’t involved in the study itself – also suggests solutions for people worried about their exposure to contaminated water.

Devices plumbed into your main water supply are “typically much more rigorous at filtering out carcinogens and pathogens than pitchers or faucet filters,” according to Dr. Reynolds.

A water ionizer fits the bill perfectly. Plumbed directly into the main water supply, a Tyent water ionizer will remove deadly contaminants from your water that tap filters and jug filters just can’t handle.

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What Are Tyent Filters Capable Of?


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The filtration capabilities of a Tyent water ionizer machine beat any other machine hands down!

Tyent leads the world in filtration technology to ensure that the water you drink is clean and safe with an exceptional taste.

For example, our 4-stage Chromium-6 Filters are equipped to remove:

  • 99% of lead
  • 99% of Chromium-6
  • 99% of mercury, beryllium, uranium, and fluoride (when a 2-bank or 4-bank pre-filter system is fitted)

The Californian study is another part of the overall somber picture of the state of America’s water.

Remove the uncertainty for you and your family by installing a water ionizer at home so that you can enjoy drinking clean and filtered water without the worry.

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