Alkaline Ionized Water in Action: How Clean Are Your Vegetables—Really?

We at Tyent often talk about the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water, but we understand that it’s one thing to talk about it and another thing for you to see it for yourself. In fact, you may be a little skeptical of one machine’s abilities to transform tap water into healthier water. We get it, and we’d like to step in and show you a practical, real-life application of a water ionizer in your home.

One of the most impressive ways that your household can benefit from a water ionizer is through washing vegetables and other produce. In this demo video, you see tap water and water from a Tyent machine being put to the test of washing tomatoes.

Pesticides and chemicals are present on nearly all produce available in grocery stores, and removing them is simply imperative to your health. But is tap water cutting it? Watch the video, and check out what really happens when you “wash” your veggies in the stuff that comes out of your tap.

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