Debunking Alkaline Ionized Water Myths

Is believing in the benefits of alkaline ionized water as silly as believing in the tooth fairy? If you buy a water ionizer, are you basically buying a nonsensical ticket to the North Pole? Scientific research and experiments say no. We debunk several of the most common myths about alkaline ionized water, and explain why Tyent Water™ really is a health transformation that you can be certain about.

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MYTH: Alkaline ionized water is just like regular drinking water.

FACT: Alkaline ionized water has health-enhancing properties that regular water doesn’t have. Tyent water ionizers transform regular drinking water into alkaline ionized water, which is more hydrating than conventional water (by six times!) and can help the body’s pH balance reach a healthier level. With all the acidic substances we put into our bodies, it’s no wonder that we respond so well to alkaline ionized water. Just ask the pH balance experts.

MYTH: You can’t ionize water.

FACT: Alkaline ionized water is produced by running water over positive and negative electrodes. That ionized water is then separated into alkaline and acidic water—each of which has different purposes. Alkaline ionized water is for drinking, and acidic water is for cleaning. Each one, however, has been ionized by the positive and negative plates in our water ionizers. Ionized water gains a negative charge from running through the machine. That negative charge (or negative ORP) is a natural antioxidant.

MYTH: Regular drinking water will hydrate me just as well as alkaline ionized water.

FACT: Regular drinking water actually can’t hydrate you as well as alkaline ionized water. The alkaline ionized goodness contains five to six water molecules per cluster, while traditional water has ten to thirteen. Our bodies more easily absorb smaller water clusters. So, in layman’s terms, this change means that the smaller water clusters in alkaline ionized water can hydrate you better overall.

MYTH: There’s no scientific evidence to support alkaline ionized water.

FACT: Scientists and physicians alike have reviewed this water, and have found that there is, indeed, hard evidence to support the health benefits of alkaline ionized water. Check out these resources to read some evidence for alkaline ionized water.

In the world of alkaline ionized water, Tyent water ionizers are top-rated. Tyent water ionizers have the most power in the industry, and they feature the largest plate surface area. Check out our water ionizers for models that suit your kitchen and needs.

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15 thoughts on “Debunking Alkaline Ionized Water Myths

  1. i’m truly interested in the alkaline water system HOWEVER, isn’t there anyway to get some of it, try it, and see if there is a difference in health?
    We have well water here with Culligan softener and filter on the refrigerator.
    would like to try but not at $3000-$4000.

    1. Hello, Beth: Here’s a potentially good option for you. The 7070 Turbo is on sale now for $1995, and there is a 60-day trial included (as well as a lifetime warranty). We offer payment plans, and we’re so confident that you’ll love the water that we offer that 60-day trial period. We actually have a less than 1% return rate. Call Michele at ext. 511 or Nicole at 512 and we can talk more with you about getting you set up! Our main phone number is 855-893-6887. Thanks!

  2. I am very interested in your system, but we drink water from the dispenser in our refrigerator which also produces ice. Do you have a system that will hook into our refrigerator?

    1. Cindi: Our water ionizers won’t connect to the fridge, but if you ionized your water through your sink and made ice the old-fashioned way, that would work! Thank you for your question and let us know if you have any more.

  3. Hi Tyent; I’d like to know whether purchasing a water ionizer/alkalinizer will also purify the water at the same time, or whether we should be thinking about a separate water purification system as well…thank you!

      1. Ash: I was able to get a detailed response for you on the filtration.

        Our water ionizers have two filters for advanced filtration (and double the purity!). Tyent’s Ultra Filters are .01 micron to remove harmful chemicals and eliminate bad smells through an activated absorption method.
        Tyent’s Primary ACF fibre Active Carbon Filter removes:

        -Volatile Organic Compounds
        -Large suspended matter like rust and dregs

        Tyent’s Secondary Composite Ceramic Filter has 3 parts:
        1. M ceramic keeps the balance of ions. It is an ion ceramic.
        2. P ceramic has plenty of minerals and dissolves nutrients well to help create electrolytes for the human body for metabolism support.
        3. K ceramic has plenty of minerals and helps to keep the water stable.
        Tyent’s Ultra Filtration method produces the purest, freshest, alkaline and ionized water that is rich in healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium.

        Does that help? Let us know!

        1. I heard that you can use the water instead of eye drops. Which type of water is good for the eyes-alkaline or acidic? And what level or Ph?

          1. Hi. Yes, you can use acidic ionized water with a pH between 3.0 and 4.0 for eye drops, but please be sure to check with your doctor first!

    1. The 9090 and UCE have lifetime warranties, so if anything were to happen under proper care, then it would be covered. Thanks! Any more q’s?

    1. Hi Sanday! Absolutely! Your skin has a slightly acidic pH of 5.5 so using slightly acidic water in the tub is great for the skin. It would be a good idea to filter your bath water with our bath ball and then add 1 to 2 gallons of slightly acidic water to the bath for soft, beautiful skin!

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