Why Drink Nasty Ol’ Tap Water When You Can Drink Tyent Water that is Actually Good for Your Body? (New + Improved)

It’s no secret that the water running from your tap at home has so many chemicals in it that a chemist might stumble over pronouncing them all.  


With all due respect to those hard-working people at public water-treatment facilities who do their best to ensure the water that flows into your house is the cleanest it can be, there is only so much they can do.  

We have a saying in the South to describe efforts that will end in futility no matter how noble the cause.  It is, “You are whipping a dead horse.”  This statement is not only a clever analogy; it is pretty accurate when it comes to cleaning up tap water in most municipalities.  That is of course, unless you own a Tyent water ionizer 

How can Tyent Water be any Better than Tap Water When that’s What it is?

Where to begin.  Okay, not only any better…but far better.  Tyent’s award-winning water ionizers instantly begin to improve the quality of the water as soon as it enters the machine.  Our Dual Filtration Technology provides superior filtering of hundreds of harmful chemicals lurking in tap water. Our ultra filters remove over 99% of lead, and over 200 additional contaminants.

 Here are a few highlights of the quality built into every Tyent machine.

  • Supreme filtration capability greatly reduces the level of chemicals while virtually eliminating many
  • The water also becomes healthier for you when it’s ionized and alkalized
  • Adds vital minerals naturally
  • Teeming with antioxidants
  • Produces fresh, clean tasting water without any metallic taste
  • Comes with a Lifetime, no fine print guarantee
  • Beautifully designed with over and under the counter models available


That list covers merely a few of them.  Actually, I could go on about all the impressive features and benefits built into every Tyent machine but there are so many more that I’ll just drop a link here so you can see more for yourself. 

When it comes to your good health, Tyent is committed to providing you with a product that will not only help improve the quality of the water you drink but improve your health at the same time. 

We are so confident and believe so strongly in our water ionizers that we offer a full, 75-day in home trial to discover for yourself just how good your water can be. We are also UL approved and guarantee our high quality machines for forever so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Take a few moments to call us at so we can chat about owning a beautiful Tyent water ionizer.  There is no better way to have fresh, virtually chemical free, healthy water delivered right to your glass with the touch of a keypad. 

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