Comparing Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water to Bottled Water, Part 1 (Revised)

There seems to be a lot of confusion and curiosity about ionized alkaline water these days.  Some people aren’t sure what it is.  Some want to know what it does, while others want to know if it is any better than plain old tap or bottled water.

We're here to remove the confusion about ionized water
We’re here to remove the confusion about ionized water

At Tyent, we want to answer those questions and more including the difference between ionized alkaline water and the tap or bottled water that most people drink every day. 

The question most asked is: 

Is Tyent Alkaline Water Really any Better than Bottled Water…and Why?

Unless you are buying your water or own a water purifier, you are most likely drinking water that is provided by your local municipality; city water as it is better known.  I grew up drinking city water as most people I know did.  When we were kids and got thirsty on hot summer days while playing outside, we would run into the house to get a drink or just drink straight from the hose which when warmed by the summer sun had a funky rubbery taste to it. 

However, when I grew up (some might rightfully argue I haven’t yet) I realized I had alternatives to the water flowing…or oozing from the tap at home.  I didn’t have to settle for drinking water that was laden with seriously harmful chemicals in high doses or even bottled water in its chemical leaching plastic receptacles whose taste is often reminiscent of the old hose.

It is no secret that 25% of all bottled water is taken from municipalities from around the country, cleaned up and sold as healthier water than you are drinking.  Do you believe that city water from Dallas or Atlanta is any better than the water in your city?  It’s probably not.  Yet, that’s where a lot of the most popular bottled water comes from.

Cleaned up and shipped out.

Even if it were better, consider all the negatives associated with its cost, production and disposal. 

Bottled water is a nightmare for the planet and perhaps for you too.  Here is why: 

  • The air pollution created in its manufacturing
  • The fossil fuels burned in transportation and delivery
  • The billions of plastic bottles that get tossed into the landfill yearly
  • The billions of plastic bottles that are thrown into our oceans, lakes and waterways
  • The breakdown of the plastic bottle that leaches chemicals directly into your water
  • At an average cost of nearly $1.50 a bottle, it can get expensive quickly

You don’t need to be a chemist, an environmentalist, or an economist to see that purchasing bottled water is detrimental to the world and you. 


Ionized alkaline water from Tyent is the refreshing alternative to all those negatives listed above.  There is no pollution from plastic manufacturing.  There are no plastic bottles to hit the landfill or wind up in the water or alongside the road in a ditch.  Moreover, Tyent alkaline water costs mere pennies per glass in comparison.  

Those are serious benefits and only cover what Tyent Water doesn’t do.  Tomorrow, we’ll cover what Tyent alkaline water does do and how good Tyent Alkaline Water is for you compared to popular alternatives. 

In the meantime, tell us about yourself! We’d love to know what steps you’re already taking to minimize the plastic on our planet.

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