Comparing Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water To Bottled Water, Part 2 (Version II)

Yesterday, the negatives of buying bottled water were highlighted when juxtaposed with drinking Tyent alkaline water.  Today I want to highlight the positives of having a Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water machine installed in your home or business.

Million Dollar Lake House with Tyent UCE-11
A brilliant addition to any kitchen

Folks are becoming more aware of all the negatives associated with buying bottled drinking water.  Aside from the expense, there is the realization that each purchase results in a negative impact on the planet, thereby, increasing your carbon footprint, not reducing it.

In addition to the cost and pollution, there is the water itself.  Some may be no cleaner than the water running from your faucet at home.  While people are waking up to the fact that buying bottled water may not be as cool as it used to be, they have expressed concern about investing money into a water ionizer they are not sure will do what they hope it will.      

Well, take heart, for there is good news coming your way! 

The Tyent Water Company is in the water business.  Water is all we do and we are an industry leader.  Do you recall the old adage, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time?”  If you read the testimonies of the people who took the initial step and invested in a water ionizer from Tyent, you will discover (as they did) what a wonderful investment that turned out to be.

They weren’t fooled or tricked into believing they were benefiting from owning a Tyent water ionizer; they were thrilled!  They enjoy cleaner water that is actually healthy for them in many ways.

Your water ionizers don’t receive such awards as Ionizer of the Year for three years and counting unless you are among the best in the business.  Tyent received that prestigious award as the best ionizer on the market, and here is why:

5 Smart Reasons to Purchase a Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer 

  1. You begin to save money immediately by not buying bottled plastic water
  1. Your negative impact on the Earth is reduced with no plastic bottle pollution
  1. Tyent Machines come with a serious Lifetime Guarantee
  1. Enjoy a 75-day in-home trial to see how much you love it
  1. Superior Customer Service after the sale
You don't need to be a brain surgeon to see why Tyent water ionizers are the smart buy.
You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to see why Tyent water ionizers are the smart buy.

5 More Reasons to Buy a Tyent Water Ionizer 

  1. Reported marked improvements in dry-skin conditions and acid reflux
  1. A higher pH level than regular water (with adjustable settings)
  1. Tyent Alkaline Water is loaded with free radical fighting antioxidants
  1. Contains natural and vital minerals
  1. Helps to detoxify the body by flushing toxins and fat cells from the organs

Still not convinced that you need a Tyent water ionizer in your life? Call us at  to learn why YOU should have a Tyent water ionizer.

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