Let’s Talk About Soft Water and the benefits of Tyent Ionized Water (Updated)

We receive loads of questions every week here at Tyent. Some people want to know more specifics about ionized alkaline water. Others have questions about the water they drink and wonder if Tyent Water is any better or if a Tyent machine can clean up their water. Today, we have two questions that need answering and so let’s get right to them.

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Is Ionized Alkaline Water Hard or Soft?

Good question.  Let’s define first what soft water is:

Soft Waterwater that contains little or no dissolved salts from minerals such as calcium, magnesium, & iron.  Often created by processes of distillation, reverse osmosis, or the addition of a chemical softener

Soft water is very effective for washing clothes and dishes due to the lack of hard minerals that inhibit the cleaning power of soaps.  It is estimated that soft water requires about half the amount of detergents used for cleaning or doing laundry to achieve the same results you would get with so called, hard water. Great for cleaning, but not really for drinking.

So designated hard water contains those minerals missing in soft water.  In a U. S. Geological survey it was estimated that around 85% of the water in American homes is hard water.

While wonderful for cleaning dishes and other things, personally, I detest soft water.  Saving 5 cents worth of shampoo in the shower only to spend the next 10 minutes trying to rinse it out, to me, seems like a waste of energy and water; costing more than you are saving.  For household cleaning however, I am on board with soft water.

By definition, ionized alkaline water is hard water because it contains those minerals necessary to good health.  Minerals are vital to the body and the lack thereof can cause some serious health issues.  Consuming distilled water is even dangerous over an extended period of time.

Therefore, to answer the question, ionized alkaline water is hard water.

What Do You Mean by “Tyent Alkaline Water is Healthy Water?”

Healthy water by common definition is water that is healthy for you.  The Tyent Alkaline Water Company can make that claim because Tyent Alkaline Water is healthy water, and here is why.

Tyent ultra filters clean your water by removing over 99% of lead, as well as over 200 additional contaminants.

Tyent ionized water is hydrogen rich and ultra hydrating. If you work out, jog, or exert yourself physically, you are going to begin to dehydrate.  By drinking water that allows for faster gastric emptying, your body re-hydrates faster.  Many happy Tyent Customers report faster recovery time after exertion and increased energy levels.

In fact, former UFC Champion Rashad Evans is one such happy customer. See what this top level athlete has to say about the superior hydration he receives from drinking Tyent Water.

There are more reasons to call Tyent Alkaline Water healthy water, but we’ll pick that back up tomorrow. Until then, you can learn more by following this handy link to our water ionizer Cheat Sheet.  

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