How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Your Tyent Water Ionizer

If you had to describe the ideal healthy lifestyle, what would you say?

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Most people would place proper nutrition, hydration, adequate sleep, strong immunities, and exercise at the top of the list. Not surprisingly, a Tyent water ionizer can help a person live healthier in all those ways and more!

Living Healthy With Your Water Ionizer

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Hydration is perhaps the single most important thing for a healthy lifestyle, even more important than nutrition**.

“At least 60% of the adult body is made of [water] and every living cell in the body needs it to keep functioning.”

Business Insider

Alkaline water happens to be ultra hydrating. It allows for faster gastric emptying, which in turn hydrates you faster.The health benefits of drinking alkaline water start with hydration and grow in significance as the water takes effect on the body.

Alkaline water delivers a large dose of antioxidants that detoxify the body, strengthening the immune system and encouraging weight loss. Furthermore, alkaline water helps to flush the lactic acid out of muscles, speeding recovery after a workout.

Finally, because alkaline water reduces oxidative stress on the body by neutralizing free radicals, and because alkaline water eliminates acid build up in the body, alkaline water promotes restful sleep.

**Did you know? Mahatma Ghandi once fasted for 21 days without eating anything at all. What’s more, he was in his 70’s when he accomplished the feat.

More than a Drink

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Drinking alkaline water is a surefire way to improve your health, but do you know about the other ways that a water ionizer can improve your health?

When you buy produce at the grocery store, odds are that the surface is covered with pesticides and insecticides that normal water won’t wash away. Washing fruits and vegetables in turbo alkaline water before eating can spare your body the harmful effects of carcinogenic chemicals.

Another way that chemicals make their way into our bodies is through cross contamination from cleaning supplies. Household cleaners are designed to kill bad cells on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, unfortunately they can also cause harm to humans. Prevent exposure to nasty vapors and toxic compounds by scrubbing your counter tops with turbo acidic water to sanitize safely.

Healthy Living Starts with a Button and Never Ends

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In truth, living healthy with a water ionizer is as simple as incorporating alkaline water into your daily routine. By simply drinking alkaline water you are giving your body a boost of hydration that triggers an avalanche of healthy biological responses.

For night, for day, for health: Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizers.

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6 thoughts on “How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Your Tyent Water Ionizer

    1. Hi, Easton. Definitely! That’s why we make sure that the water that Tyent water ionizers purify, remineralize, and produce can be used for drinking, cleaning, washing, and even gardening. Having one of our machines in your home not only boosts your overall health but also helps you cut down on unnecessary cleaning expenses.

  1. You know what’s the best drink after a really hot day or like super intense exercise? An ice-cold glass of pure water. It tastes so much sweeter that way.

    1. Hi, Kylie. We agree with you 100%! What’s even better is drinking cold alkaline water so you get all the sweetness, refreshment, and nourishment that other kinds of water don’t provide.

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