Water Ionizers and Medication


“Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?” ~ As You Like It, 4.1

The Bard of Avon would've loved alkaline water.
The Bard of Avon would’ve loved alkaline water.

Shakespeare wondered if it was possible and now the idiom “too much of a good thing” has taken a universal meaning. We are left to wonder, can too much of a good thing become detrimental?

Tyent alkaline water is undoubtedly a good thing. Water ionizers provide delicious alkaline water that has many detoxifying benefits for the human body.  However, there are two times when alkaline water may not be an appropriate choice.

Alkaline Water and Medication

Prescription Medication in Orange Pill Bottles

Modern medicine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind and it saves millions of lives every year. Each pill that doctors prescribe has a specific function within the body, oftentimes with a specific time frame for action.

Due to the small molecular size of the hydrogen that’s in our water, Tyent alkaline water will penetrate cells more quickly than other fluids. This faster rate of absorption has the potential to affect the way that medication is released into the body, especially time-released medicine. Because of the delicate nature of medicines, it is not recommended to take medication with alkaline water.

Thirty minutes before taking medication, set your water ionizer to a pH of 7 which is simply pure, filtered water. You may then resume drinking alkaline water 30 minutes after taking your meds.

Alkaline Water and Mealtime

Give this little guy 30 minutes to digest before his next glass of alkaline water.
Give this little guy 30 minutes to digest before his next glass of alkaline water.

Another specific instance when alkaline water might be too much of a good thing is at mealtime. And, the reason is a simple matter of acid-base chemistry.

The human stomach is a highly acidic environment with a pH of 1.5-3.5 on average. Our stomachs need to be acidic to help in the digestion of the food we eat and to help kill off bacteria and other unwanted organisms we may ingest.

On the flip side, alkaline water has a pH above 7, depending on the level of the water ionizer stream. When alkaline water is consumed, it raises the pH of the stomach which slows digestion. That is why it is not recommended to drink alkaline water 30 minutes prior to, and after, eating a meal.

Water Ionizers for All Other Occasions

A part from eating and taking medications, alkaline water is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to live healthier. Tyent USA has the expert staff, top of the line water ionizers, and reputation of excellence to bring alkaline water into your home.

Alkaline water, it’s so good, it’s almost too good.


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