The Tyent Water Ionizer Company’s 3 Steps To Improved Energy


    3 Ways Ionized Alkaline Water Can Relieve Tiredness


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Tiredness n.  The temporary loss of strength and energy.  Weariness, fatigue.


How often we can all relate to that definition of tiredness these days.  It seems more and more we need more and more energy.  The daily grind of just living each day is enough to deplete our strength and stamina. 


Then, when you throw in the stress of working, raising a family or going to school with a heavy schedule or being an athlete, it is understandable how one’s energy can be quickly depleted.


In order to regain that loss, many people are looking for new ways to boost their energy.  High-energy drinks are all the rage right now.  Many of these drinks however are overloaded with sugar, caffeine and other stimulants that give you that boost you are looking for but then suddenly, you find yourself crashing like a ton of bricks when the buzz wears off.  Not good.


 Man Crashing from exhaustion    Aside from the so named energy drinks, over the counter (OTCs) drugs are also very popular with people that need to be up and alert; like truck drivers and late night workers and people with occupations that require physical exertion.  These too however, can take their toll on your health over time.


While those temporary fixes may work well…for a time, the constant up and down these artificial stimulants put your body through can’t be good for you and in the long run, can even be harmful to your health.



Ionized Alkaline Water & Fatigue


In an ever-evolving trend toward better health, people are looking for more natural ways to gain and maintain a good energy level.  They are seeking ways that will keep them going naturally without introducing chemicals and artificial stimulants into their bodies like the ones found in some OTC drugs or jacked up energy drinks.


Enter Ionized Alkaline Water 


Ionized alkaline water is water that has been highly filtered then electrically charged through an ionized alkaline water purifier.  The result is delicious, virtually chemical free, mineral packed water that has been proven to boost a bodies’ energy level.


The quality and the purity of ionized alkaline water produced by the award-winning machines of The Tyent Ionized Water Company are unbeatable.  Tyent alkaline water purifiers were voted Best Ionizers and winners of the coveted Editors Choice Award for 2014.



How Is Ionized Alkaline Water Better?

Alkaline water is far different from just plain old tap water.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the water produced by Tyent machines is virtually chemical free.  I personally have seen and read the incredible results attained by these machines which were tested at state certified Envirotek Laboratories, a water quality testing facility in the northeast. 


Tyent alkaline water purifiers took on hundreds of dangerous chemicals and either completely eliminated them or reduced their presence to such a degree as to be deemed safe for drinking.


With nearly 2000 chemicals in tap water and some proven to produce fatigue, it would stand to reason that eliminating those dangerous chemicals would have a positive effect on the bodies’ ability to produce energy.


Ionized Alkaline Water…A Proven Energy Booster


  • Chemical-free water allows the body to function as it was meant to


  • Alkaline water has smaller water molecules that are more readily absorbed


  • Hydrated cells are paramount to having more energy


Eliminate those energy stifling chemicals and replace them with necessary minerals and pure water and your energy level will increase…naturally.   


 Woman running rainbow    Dehydration can certainly contribute to a lack of energy.  Have you ever heard someone comment, “I am tired and thirsty?”  Yet, once they get properly hydrated their energy level was increased.  With the smaller water molecule clusters in alkaline water you are hydrated on a cellular level.


In conclusion, when you drink water that is,


  1.  Rich in minerals


  1.  Virtually chemical free


  1. With a pH level above 7


you should feel an increase in your energy level in a short order.




To learn more about the health benefits of owning an ionized alkaline water purifier, please visit The Tyent Water Ionizer Company at this link.



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