Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water Machines VS Kangen


Let’s Do Some Comparative Shopping of Water Ionizer Brands


Bottle on $$  It is no secret that bottled water is big business.  Each year, literally billions of dollars are spent by consumers the world over in search of a better alternative to tap water.   

You can’t blame people for wanting to drink water that doesn’t contain all the dangerous chemicals found in city water, however, with prices averaging around $1.45 per bottle, that can get pretty expensive over the long haul and then there are quality issues as well.  

Nearly 25% of all bottled water is merely glorified municipal water, which translates to tap water from another city that has been cleaned up by any number of processes.  Not good.  There are other drawbacks to purchasing plastic bottles of water as well.  

Only about a third of the plastic bottles used are recycled and we’ve all seen those horrifying pictures on the news or on-line that depict the vast islands of plastic floating in the oceans and the mountains of plastic bottles rising from the landfills.    


Plastic Pile


Also, plastic, when heated (as in your car or by sunlight), leaks petrol-based chemicals into your water.    


So What Can One Do?  

Well now, there are alternatives to bottled water that don’t pollute the planet nor cost you a buck and a half a bottle.  I’m speaking of water purifiers.  Water purifiers are machines you can buy that produce water that is cleaner than tap water and doesn’t contribute to landfills.  A nice alternative to be sure.  


The companies that make/sell these machines refer to them as ionizers or alkaline water ionizers. The reason for this is that their machines create ionized alkaline water by running water over a series of platinum dipped plates that through electrical charges of positive and negative create ionized alkaline water.  


Let’s learn a little about one of the most popular water purifiers going.   Kangen Water.  For a while there, Kangen Water was on the lips of water thirsty consumers everywhere as it was being touted as the best and purest water you get and better yet, it’s made right in your own home with a Kangen Water machine.


While still one of the most popular brands, there are signs that the love affair with Kangen water has dimmed significantly as people are discovering that it may not be all it has been professed to be.   

First off.  The price.  Kangen machines are one of the most expensive brands on the market today. 

With the SD501 model price hovering around $4000, it’s enough to make you gulp.  However, some people who spend a lot of money drinking bottled water may find this high price acceptable, but there are other drawbacks as well.  Like Chemical additives. 






The Negatives of Kangen Water  

  • Kangen machines have only 7 platinum plates – outdated


  • For their Beauty Water, you must add Sodium Hypochlorite to the machine – the same chemical used in bleach


  • Kangen water is a multi-tiered commission driven business model raising the price greatly


  • Their warranty is for a mere 5 years


  • A 30 day return policy (if you haven’t opened the box or used the machine)


Now let’s compare this to Tyent Water.      


Pluses of Ionized Alkaline Water from the Tyent Ionizer Company  

Tyent Water ionizers contain 11 plates of multi-dipped platinum in their machines and you never have to add any chemicals to create Tyent’s Beauty Water.  Adding chemicals to purify the water is what the city does to your tap water.

Isn’t the idea to create virtually chemical free water?  

Tyent ionized alkaline water purifiers offer a 75-day return policy.  Take it out of the box, try it and use it.  How else are you going to know how it works for you?  




Tyent also offers a Lifetime Warranty on their machines.  In addition, Tyent’s 11-Plate units were proclaimed the winners of the prestigious Editors Choice Award for best water ionizers of 2014.   When you compare the two there really isn’t any comparison. 



If you want a water purifier with a very limited warranty that you need to add dangerous chemicals to and costs way more than other purifiers then Kangen may be the way to go.  

However, if your goal is better health through purer water that is essentially chemical free at a lower cost, please look into investing in an ionized alkaline water purifier from The Tyent Water Ionizer Company.  Please follow this link.   Tyenusa.com 


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