$1000 Big Cash Prize For Current & Future Tyent Water Ionizer Owners


The Tyent Water Company’s $1000 Give Away Contest



Crystal Ball Reader   Wouldn’t it be great to look into the future and see yourself holding $1000 in cash?  Well now you can and you don’t have to have own a crystal ball either.  All you really need is video camera and a little creativity.


Right now The Tyent Water Company is running a Big Cash Contest open to all current and future owners of Tyent Ionized Water purifiers.  If you currently own a Tyent Water Ionizer and even if you don’t but would like to, here’s your chance to win $1000 in cold hard cash!



 Minute Sign

 A Minute to Win it!

 Here is how this exciting video review contest works. 

 Have you ever dreamed of making your own movie?  Well now you have the opportunity to be the writer, the Producer as well as the Director, and cast yourself in the leading role of your very own 60-second (or less) video, sharing with the world why you love your Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water Purifier so much.


It’s so simple.  To enter the Big Cash Contest just set up your video camera, position yourself near your Tyent machine, and start talking.  Let the people watching know all the things that you love about your alkaline water purifier from Tyent.  That’s it! 


Come up with a clever video that stands out to the judges and you could find yourself one thousand dollars richer on November 18th just for having a little fun right in your own home.




It’s Your Movie

 Old Movie Projector  Since this is your movie, you have full creative control but hey, it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.  Of course if you have a Russian Bear riding a unicycle while juggling flaming bowling pins in the background of your video that would definitely get the judges attention, but it isn’t necessary. 


We want you to just be yourself.  Honesty is what matters most.  If you can just let the people know in your own words all the reasons you love your Tyent machine and your experience with it, you’re in!


The beauty of this contest is that it’s open to all current and future owners of a Tyent machine.  So even if you don’t presently own a Tyent Ionizer, you are still eligible to enter.  Just tell us why you’d love to have a water alkalizer from Tyent (convince us) and you could be the winner!



The Grand Prize

 Money Man  The grand prize is the perfect name for this contest because the big winner will win a cool grand in cash.


Think about it.  If you could make $50 an hour working, that would be pretty good money but you’d still have to work 20 hours to make a thousand.  Win this contest and you will have made that same thousand dollars…only in a minute (or less). 

That’s a real nice payday for having a little fun at home or work or wherever your Tyent ionized alkaline water system is.



But Wait…There’s More!

In addition to the $1000 Grand Prize for the big winner, Tyent is also awarding cash prizes in the amount of $250 for Second Place and $100 for Third.  It’s a win, win, win situation!



 Special Video

Lights-Camera- Action!

It’s easy.  Just make your video then post it to your YouTube account and share the video link on the Tyent USA Face Book page as a comment on the Video Contest Announcement (see link below).
The first 25 videos will automatically receive one (1) Tyent GoodLife bottle and will be entered into our Grand Prize $1000 drawing. 


To learn more about this crazy contest please follow this handy little ink.



Good luck and perhaps we’ll see you on the Red Carpet!

The End




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