Alkaline Water Pitcher Companies’ Scams!

If you’ve been considering buying an alkaline water pitcher, then STOP! There are some pretty shocking alkaline water pitcher companies’ scams out there that you need to know, before they part you from your money!

At Tyent, we want everybody to drink the best water possible and thrive in good health. So, when we come across alkaline water pitcher companies’ scams, we want to draw attention to them, so you can make the right decision for you and your family.


Alkaline Water Pitcher Companies Scam


Shocking Scams

We’d like to talk here about a company called Gia Wellness. In the ‘Hydration’ section on its website, this company advertises several products. One of the products is the “i-H2O Acrylic Pitcher” – also known as a water pitcher. The pitcher is part of the i-H2O Home Activation System, and the big selling point, according to Gia Wellness, is that their water system persuades water molecules to assemble neatly in single file.

At this point, let’s remind ourselves that water molecules are not trained soldiers. They don’t line up to attention in your water glass, once poured from that H2O Acrylic Pitcher. Whatever the perceived health benefits of lining up water molecules, it’s irrelevant here, as the “i-H2O Acrylic Pitcher” doesn’t achieve it anyway.


The True Science Behind the Scam

Like so many, this particular alkaline water pitcher company’s scam is based around a kernel of truth. In 2003, the Nobel Prize for chemistry was awarded to Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon in recognition of their discovery of minute grooves – aquaporins – in our cell walls that are microscopic enough to enable a billion water molecules to flow into or out of a cell every second. The scale on which this happens is so small that the water molecules must align themselves in single file, in order to pass through the aquaporins.

Gia Wellness leaped on Agre and MacKinnon’s research and built a ‘water system’ around the claim that their machine makes water molecules march in single file, and that this means that the water is “optimally effective in the body.”

It’s untrue. Out of all the alkaline water pitcher companies’ scams, this one stands out a mile. Gia Wellness states that: “Research confirms that the molecules of most of the water we consume daily are aligned in a chaotic, large-clustered manner. That makes it extremely difficult for our body to absorb and optimally hydrate, ultimately leading to unintentional, yet chronic dehydration.”

It’s almost comical. If Gia Wellness wasn’t persuading people to pay good money for their ‘water system’ it would be comical. To believe their claims, you would have to be on board with the theory that until Gia Wellness, drinking water was inherently ‘chaotic,’ and that drinking ‘chaotic’ water would lead to chronic dehydration? Come on.


The Physics & The Facts

It is a matter of absolute fact – a rule of physics – that water molecules are in constant motion. And here’s the vital bit: yes, water is transported in and out of our cells by aquaporins. We also know that pH plays an essential part. Alkaline water can pass through the aquaporins, while acidic water molecules are blocked by the aquaporins’ fascinating ability to moderate the process.


Alkaline Water Pitcher Scam: The Conclusion

The conclusion? This is an alkaline water pitcher company’s scam that ‘borrows’ legitimate, award-winning research and misrepresents it for hard cash. And that’s putting it kindly.


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