$1000 Big Cash Prize For Current & Future Tyent Water Ionizer Owners

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 30, 2014 6:03 pm


The Tyent Water Company’s $1000 Give Away Contest



Crystal Ball Reader   Wouldn’t it be great to look into the future and see yourself holding $1000 in cash?  Well now you can and you don’t have to have own a crystal ball either.  All you really need is video camera and a little creativity.


Right now The Tyent Water Company is running a Big Cash Contest open to all current and future owners of Tyent Ionized Water purifiers.  If you currently own a Tyent Water Ionizer and even if you don’t but would like to, here’s your chance to win $1000 in cold hard cash!



 Minute Sign

 A Minute to Win it!

 Here is how this exciting video review contest works. 

 Have you

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