Tyent Has it All: Award Winning Products, Superior Customer Service & the Best Warranty in the Industry (New and Improved!)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On April 2, 2015 7:39 pm

If you’ve been considering buying a water ionizer for your home or place of business but aren’t sure how or where to begin, let Tyent get you started.

If you are thinking of purchasing a water ionizer, we're here to answer your questions!
If you’re thinking of purchasing a water ionizer, we’re here to answer your questions!

Tyent is known not only for Ionizer of the Year Awards three years running (2014-2016), but for their commitment to the quality of the products they offer.  Tyent’s rave reviews come from people who once were where you are now, then opted to purchase a Tyent water ionizer.

Just as important as having a great water purifier, is having great Customer Service after the sale. 

About Our Customer Service

I must say, dealing with Customer Service about

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Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water Machines VS Kangen

Posted by: Rhona Reid On October 1, 2014 6:11 pm


Let’s Do Some Comparative Shopping of Water Ionizer Brands


Bottle on $$  It is no secret that bottled water is big business.  Each year, literally billions of dollars are spent by consumers the world over in search of a better alternative to tap water.   

You can’t blame people for wanting to drink water that doesn’t contain all the dangerous chemicals found in city water, however, with prices averaging around $1.45 per bottle, that can get pretty expensive over the long haul and then there are quality issues as well.  

Nearly 25% of all bottled water is merely glorified municipal water, which translates to tap water from another city that has been cleaned up by any number of processes.  Not good.  There are

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Tyent USA, the Water, the Company

Posted by: Rhona Reid On May 29, 2014 5:39 pm


Tyent USA Ionized Alkaline Water Drowns the Competition


drowning-man-    Pure water is big business these days.  Check that.  Bottled drinking water is big business.  Pure water is another story.  Companies that produce or sell bottled drinking water spring up almost daily.  Many close their doors almost as frequently.  You can’t just sell water and expect to be successful.  You earn success.

At Tyent USA, we are the industry leader of ionized alkaline water systems and proud winner of the 2014 Editors Choice Award for best ionizer.  With the best products and the best warranty in the industry, we have earned our success and we’re here to stay.







Tyent USA’s in-home water purifiers produce the purest ionized

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