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Tyent USA Ionized Alkaline Water Drowns the Competition


drowning-man-    Pure water is big business these days.  Check that.  Bottled drinking water is big business.  Pure water is another story.  Companies that produce or sell bottled drinking water spring up almost daily.  Many close their doors almost as frequently.  You can’t just sell water and expect to be successful.  You earn success.

At Tyent USA, we are the industry leader of ionized alkaline water systems and proud winner of the 2014 Editors Choice Award for best ionizer.  With the best products and the best warranty in the industry, we have earned our success and we’re here to stay.







Tyent USA’s in-home water purifiers produce the purest ionized alkaline water you can drink. Artfully designed with technologically advanced inner workings, these water ionizers are as beautiful as they are functional.


circuit 2

High Tech Circuitry Inside

Tyent Ionized Water Alkalizers…think inside the box.

Whether you prefer a countertop or under the counter model, Tyent alkaline water machines offer unmatched quality backed by the best warranty in the business. To understand why Tyent Water Ionizers reign supreme, one has only to look at the components.

For starters, the water purification process begins with advanced dual-filtration. The filtration ability of these filters is unparalleled. Their .01-micron filtration, removes 99% of all harsh chemicals from water introduced into the system from your tap or other source. Furthermore, this is the same degree of filtration found in kidney dialysis machines.


TYENT COUNTERTOP IMAGE  Solid/Mesh Hybrid technology goes into our 9 and 11-Plate models.


Give me 5

 Chemical free ionization (unlike Kangen units)

 Highest antioxidant production levels available in ionized alkaline water

 Fully adjustable presets with 55 available settings

 Against its competitors, Tyent ranked #1 in ORP levels

 The lowest and highest pH level settings available 



How about 3 more?

                All our models are UL listed for electrical safety.

                One touch technology with voice guidance

                ABT or Antibacterial technology to kill micro-organisms


I could list many more features that ensure the quality built into every Tyent ionizer but I want to write a bit about Tyent USA itself.


The Company behind the Product

Tyent USA is a company that proudly stands behind their products. They offer an unmatched, Zero Stipulations unconditional lifetime warranty.  Such is the confidence they have in their products.  To further instill confidence in their customers, you can try the Tyent alkaline water ionizer in the comfort of your own home or office for a full 75-day trial.  That’s two and a half months!  No company matches that offer. Manufactured in Korea to the highest standards, Tyent ionizers are recognized by the KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration) as a certified medical device.

With the best ionizers in the business backed by the best warranty and the quality in a league of its own, it’s no wonder Tyent USA is recognized as the industry leader.

To learn more about Tyent ionized alkaline water systems and the company behind them, please follow this link.    http://tyentusa.com


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