It’s Fun Friday @ Tyent USA!


Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!



crowd-of-people-cheering-at-a-fireworks-display   Guess what day it is!

 If you guessed Wednesday…there’s something wrong with you.


It’s Friday!  Or Fried-day, depending on how your week went. At Tyent USA, our week went great and we’re looking forward to riding that same train into the weekend.

Since I’m leaving town for a couple days, this Fun Friday is brief…but fun!

Time to relax and have a laugh.



  Depressed dog    So this guy had been trying to get a date with this girl for forever. Finally, she agrees to a go out with him.  He gets to her apartment on the 10th floor and he’s a few minutes early so she tells him he can wait on the couch while she finishes getting ready. He’s sitting there for a moment when a little dog comes up to him wagging his tail with a ball in his mouth and drops it at his feet.  So the guy picks it up and gives it a toss and the dog pounces on it instantly and brings it back to him.  He picks it up and throws it a little harder this time and it flies into the kitchen.  The dog brings it back and drops it at his feet.  “Oh, you’re good.” “Okay…go get this one!” And with that, the guy zings one that hits the edge of the coffee table and sails out the open window.  The dog jumps out after it, ten stories.  He was in shock. “Oh no…oh my gosh…What can I do? I can’t tell her…she’ll never go out with me!” But he knew he had to tell her.

So he waited until later that night when they were having dinner and he said, “You know…I couldn’t help but notice that when we left tonight…your little dog looked real depressed.”





Well, I love a good prank.  Especially one that frightens people and the famous “Snowman” seems to have both qualities.

Evil snowman                                  frightened-elderly-woman


I hope you’ll agree.  Have a great weekend everybody! 



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