101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 8: Top 10 Most Compelling Studies on Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water

We love a science bit, and are always keen to follow the research that’s going on when it comes to alkaline and hydrogen water.  We’ve rounded up some of the most exciting studies that we think you’ll find pretty cool! 

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  1. Improving Medical End Points – Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen: An inert gas turns clinically effective is an exciting introduction to the subject and looks at the results of clinical testing over the last half decade, and how Molecular hydrogen (H2) can “Improve Medical End Points.”

  1. Hydrogen-Rich Water Helping Athletic Performance?

Next up is a pilot study that considers the effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue experienced by sportspeople and athletes, and concluded that the athletes who drank hydrogen water showed improved muscle function. 

  1. Hydrogen Water Stops Parkinson In Its Tracks?

This study focused on the oxidative stress that causes dopaminergic cell loss in the mid-brain.  Treatment with hydrogen prevented some of the cell loss and the study suggests that hydrogen water might possibly be able to retard the development and progression of Parkinson’s disease. While more studies still need to be done, the research is pretty compelling so far.

  1. Hydrogen Water To Treat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

That’s what this interesting study suggests.   Brain injury following carbon monoxide poisoning is attributable to factors including oxidative stress and free radicals. Research has identified that free radical scavengers can improve the neural damage, and the scientists opine that that hydrogen therapy may be an “effective, simple, economic and novel strategy in the treatment of acute carbon monoxide poisoning.”

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  1. Hydrogen Gas Improves Inflammatory Organ Damage?

Organ failure or damage is the leading cause of death in critically ill patients.  This study carried out laboratory tests on mice with sepsis via cecal ligation and puncture (CLP). Researchers found that H2 significantly improved their survival rates, and suggest that H2 might be used as a therapeutic agent in cases of inflammation-related multiple organ dysfunction.

  1. Hydrogen Water Consumption Prevents Osteopenia?

 A fascinating study carried out on rats that had undergone surgery to remove their ovaries, found that hydrogen water consumption prevented the reduction of bone mass mineral content and bone mineral density, yet had no significant effect on oestrogen production.  

  1. Studies on Hydrogen Water and Radiotherapy 

This clinical study is compelling in its possibilities and reach. 49 patients who were receiving radiotherapy for malignant liver tumors were given hydrogen water or a placebo to drink prior to receiving their first radiation treatment.

Over a period of 6 weeks, the patients who consumed hydrogen-rich water experienced diminished reactive oxygen species (ROS) in their blood.  The conclusion was that consumption of hydrogen-rich water “is a potentially novel, therapeutic strategy for improving QOL (quality of life) after radiation exposure.”

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  1. Hydrogen Water and Chronic Allograft Nephropathy

Chronic allograft nephropathy (CAN) is the leading cause of kidney failure following a transplant.  In this study molecular hydrogen was dissolved in water and the test subjects given it for 150 days.  The rats given the HW showed diminished progression of CAN.  The scientists concluded that HW has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that improved survival overall. 

  1. Hydrogen Acts as a Therapeutic Antioxidant 

Oxidative stress – an imbalance of free radicals and your body’s ability to cope with them – is accepted by doctors as one of the causes of serious diseases.  This study demonstrated, using test subjects, that hydrogen can be administered as an antioxidant therapy due to its capacity to disperse and react to damaging free radicals at a cellular level. 

  1. Can Alkaline Ionized Water Help Abdominal Complaints?

In this interesting study, the scientists conducted double blind clinical tests, administering alkaline ionized water and regular water to a test group of 163 subjects suffering from abdominal complaints.  The hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water was proved to be more effective than regular water in treating the complaints.

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All in all, the medical establishment is as excited and curious about the incredible possibilities of hydrogen water as we are.  We’ll keep you up to date with hydrogen water clinical studies as they are published, but in the meantime, give us a call +1 855-893-6887 to talk about your ionizer needs and discover for yourself the incredible health benefits of Tyent Water!

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101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 8: Top 10 Most Compelling Studies on Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water
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