101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionziers, Part 9: Tyent Alkaline Water is the Healthiest Water in the World. Dare to Compare!

Before we break down and compare each water type to Tyent Water, I want to draw your attention to Tyent’s Pre-Filters…Bad water? There’s a filter for that!

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  1. WIT :: Sediment Filter

The first pre-filter that I want to introduce you to is our WIT:: Sediment Filter, which efficiently removes dust and sediment from even the most challenging source water.

  1. Pre-Filter: WIT :: Cell Safe Anti-Scale Hard Water Filter 

Brilliant for hard water areas, this inline filter helps to eliminate scale build up which keeps your ionizer in tiptop condition!

  1. “Soft Water Buddy” – Remineralization Filter 

A fantastic filter for anyone who uses a water softener, and particularly good for people who have a reverse osmosis unit; the water is filtered through a 50% Calcite and 50% Corosex medium to neutralize acidic or low pH waters.

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  1. WIT :: T-Pure (3) Bank Filter System

Our awesome T-Pure System delivers a trilogy of filtration excellence.  Sediment, fluoride, lead and mercury are among the undesirables removed by our state-of-the-art system.  

  1. WIT :: 2-Bank Fluoride System 

Install this dynamic filtration duo and rest assured that contaminants such as arsenic, chlorine and nickel are being filtered out of your drinking water, leaving only the good stuff in.

  1. Well? Hope Not.  See How Well Water Compares to Tyent!  

Well water carries a significant risk of harmful micro-organisms, as well as chemicals.  With no regulatory authority checking if the levels of contaminants render the water harmful, the onus is on the well owner to carry out stringent checks.  If you get your water from a well, we do recommend you get a pre-sediment filter, and possibly a 2-bank pre-filter in addition to the water ionizer if your water quality is really bad. For questions about getting the purest water from your well, contact one of our water experts today!

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  1. The Lowdown on RO Water vs. Tyent Water 

Reverse Osmosis water has its place, but it’s not in your kitchen or your water jug!  Essentially “dead” water, it seeks to remineralize itself by scavenging minerals from your body.  Not a good thing at all.  Quite simply, Tyent alkaline water actively boosts your health, and RO water does not.  

  1. Bottling Out. How Bottled Water Compares to Tyent Water 

Bottled water is better than some other options, but all too frequently it’s just overpriced purified water without any mineral content to justify the price.  And that’s without even starting on the environmental disaster that all those bottles create…

plastic pollution

  1. Tapping into a Crisis. Tap Water vs Tyent Water

That’s all well and good, but what about good old tap water?   If we could turn on a tap and trust that the water that flows out is healthy, clean and good, then great.  Sadly, the twin scandals of Flint and Bruni are almost certainly the tip of a very large iceberg that undermines any half-hearted reassurances from the industry.  Tyent water removes the worry and restores the trust. 

  1. How About Filtered Water? 

Certainly better for the environment than the bottled stuff, filtered water is tap water with the toxins removed.  There’s none of the added benefits of Tyent alkaline water, but it’s a better option than many others.

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So there we go!  10 more reasons why Tyent beats the competition hands down.  Haven’t seen the other reasons yet? Pour yourself a glass of Tyent water and enjoy the read!



101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionziers, Part 9: Tyent Alkaline Water is the Healthiest Water in the World. Dare to Compare!
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