Bottled Water – An All Around Bad Investment


The High Cost of Clean Water…is Rising




carafe-of-clean-and-dirty-water    Have you ever wondered what the annual costs are of drinking bottled water?  Probably not.  There is much to consider when figuring out the price.  Here are five facts that most bottled water drinkers probably don’t think about before they open that cooler door at the store and grab a bottle.


Green 5


  • Americans buy 50 billion plastic bottles of water each year


  • It requires 17 million barrels of oil to produce those bottles


  • We only recycle plastic at a rate of 23% so 38 billion bottles hit the landfill annually


  • The recommended 8 glasses of water a day will cost you about $50 from your tap yearly


  • That same amount of bottled water will run you $1, 400.00



Heart brokenThose are some disheartening numbers considering the pollution and waste that could be avoided by simply not drinking bottled water.  However, chemical laden tap water can be dangerous to consume.


 Here is something I didn’t realize.  Did you know that two companies’ brands of bottled water account for nearly one quarter of all bottled water sales in America?  Pepsi’s Aqua Fina and Coke’s Dasani.  You pay over a dollar a bottle for those brand name hydrators.  Nevertheless, it’s worth it because the water is so pure, right?  Not so fast.

Consider this.  Both popular bottled water brands are just purified municipal water.  It is nothing fancy or special because it’s in a bottle.  It is city tap water that that has been cleaned up. 

Aqua Fina, which means fine water, or, water that is fine, is merely municipal city water that comes out of Texas.  Nothing against Texas, but their city water is just…city water.  The same goes for Dasani.  It has suppliers in Atlanta and around the country bottling their water from municipal sources.  Nice bottle though.

 In a New York Times interview, Gina Solomon, a senior scientist at the Natural Resource Defense Council said, “There is no reason to believe that bottled water is any safer than tap water”.


 set-of-water-labels XL    Did you catch that?  Not any safer than tap water.  We spend billions of dollars each year for the purchase of bottled water that for the most part, isn’t any better than the water coming out of our taps at home.  And we know that water is replete with very dangerous and harmful chemicals.


When you total the costs of plastic production, packaging, energy consumption, labor and fuel transportation costs and mark-ups from the stores, we are spending a whole lot of money to pollute the planet and waste energy.  All for a drink of water that is no better than the water you are trying to avoid at home.  Not to mention the dangerous PET levels in plastic bottles.


Five HandStop the insanity!  There is a better way and better water.


Enter Tyent USA.  We are a world leader in ionized alkaline water that is produced right in your home from our award winning ionized alkaline water purifying systems.  Tyent units like the MMP 9090 and the UCE 11-Plate ionized alkaline water purifiers, produce water of unparalleled quality at the touch of a keypad. 


Beautifully designed to add a touch of elegance to your home, these systems transform ordinary and dangerous tap water into pure, mineral rich, healthy water with hydration properties that bottled water can only dream of.


A Few Benefits of Tyent Water


  •  Removes or greatly reduces hundreds of dangerous chemical in tap water
  •  Creates water with a plus 7 pH
  •  Loaded with natural minerals          
  •  Eliminates the need for plastic bottled water thus stopping landfill pollution
  •  Hydrates the body on a cellular level


You can help the planet reduce the pollution generated by the manufacturing and purchase of plastic bottled water and reduce your risk of being chemically poisoned when you invest in a Tyent USA ionized alkaline water purifier for your home or business.

In closing, I should mention that with a Tyent water purifier you will save enough money over the course of a year (and more if you have family at home) to take a nice vacation or some such equivalent.

Obviously, the choice is yours.  You can drink pure, healthy water, which saves you a lot of money, or pour money down the drain by buying ever-polluting bottled water that is bad for the planet and offers no health benefits at all.




Please, look into investing in a high quality product that saves you money and protects your health.  Look into water purification systems from Tyent.

Visit us at to learn more.




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  1. I made the change and got myself a UCE-11 a year ago and it’s still one of the best purchases I made for my family.

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