Clean Drinking Water Becoming Scarcer Everyday


Drinking Water Becoming a Precious Commodity



 Family & Radio If you read the paper, watch the news, go on-line or listen to the radio, you are probably aware of all the water woes going on in this country as of late.


A chemical spill in West Virginia, flooding in Alabama and now poisoned water in Ohio to name but a few places that are struggling to find clean water.  While in California, some residents of that drought-plagued state are struggling to find water of any kind.  In some areas on the West Coast, you can be fined up to $500.00 for watering your lawn.


Last weekend in Toledo, Ohio, and surrounding areas, some 400,000 residents were warned not to drink, brush their teeth or bathe with the water coming into their homes because of recent algae blooms that contaminated the municipal water system that over 11 million people rely on everyday.   

The situation, which was already critical, rose to crisis level when the Governor declared a state of emergency.  Water was being delivered across the state by the truckloads as National Guard soldiers scrambled to use water purification systems in an effort to produce water that was drinkable for its panicked citizens.



 Actual Ohio water sample from Lake Erie (AP)


These algae blooms are caused by agricultural run-offs that carry poisonous toxins such as manure and chemical fertilizers like phosphorus from farms that wash into Lake Erie as well as leaky septic tanks that contribute to the contamination.  As a result of the combination of these factors, large amounts of phosphorus were washing into the lake that is the main supplier of Municipal water in that area.


Residents of Toledo were told to not even wash their dishes with tap water; such was the degree of the poisonous pollution.


Officials warned that people drinking the tap water could suffer cramps, rashes and vomiting.  They were also warned that pets could even die from drinking it.  Those people with compromised immune systems such as the elderly and young children were strongly advised to avoid bathing or showering altogether.


 sick kid  Now that is some seriously sick drinking water if you are officially advised to not even let your skin come in contact with it.  Tests on one treatment plant in Toledo showed microcystin levels high above the standards allowed for human consumption.  How do they fix the problem?  Introduce new chemicals to combat the other chemicals causing all the problems.


 Pondering water    So what does all this mean?  It merely confirms what we here at Tyent USA have been saying for quite some time, tap water is poison water!


Events such as the one occurring right now in Ohio, last month in West Virginia, and who knows where tomorrow, are increasing with alarming regularity.  At the risk of sounding pleonastic, pure, clean and healthy water is becoming scarcer everyday.


However, all is not lost.  You don’t have to wake up and wonder if the water flowing from your tap is so dangerous that it can potentially harm you and your family and even kill your beloved pets.  You can ensure that the quality of the water you are drinking is not only pure, but actually beneficial to your health.


Tyent USA is dedicated to creating water purification systems that not only eliminate or drastically reduce hundreds of poisonous chemicals in your water, but produce healthy water that is pure and actually good for you.  Our systems create an alkaline rich environment with a pH level above 7 which studies have shown inhibit the formation of free radicals.



Pure water and good health go hand in hand.  You can’t stay healthy and drink poison too, so please, look into investing in a Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water purifier for your good health and the health of those you love.


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