Tyent USA’s Carnival of Savings Going on Now!


 This is a Great Time to $ave a Thousand Dollars and More!


   Big-sale-rubber-stamp      It’s human nature.  When we go to buy something, we want a bargain.  We look for the best product at the best price.  I have no problem whatsoever driving a few extra miles if I know that gas is thirty cents a gallon cheaper at a certain station.  We cash in coupons at the store that save us a dollar or two and it adds up.  A good deal is great…but it can’t compare to a great deal.


When you can find an award-winning product, coupled with eye-popping savings, then you really have a bargain.


Carnival!    Tyent’s Carnival of Savings is kicking off the month of August with a pre-fall special sale that will save you over one thousand dollars on select models. These aren’t dusty display models from the back room; these are our award winning machines such as the powerful MMP 9090 Turbo Water Ionizer that drastically reduces the presence of hundreds of dangerous chemicals found in your everyday tap water. 

Along with other top selling models like the UCE-11 Plate unit that is highly effective at purifying contaminated water, this is a big sale designed to save you big money.

 TYENT COUNTERTOP IMAGE                         With 11 Plates


MMP 9090 model                                                                                 UCE-11 Plate model


Think of it.  If you drink tap water, you are drinking poisonous chemicals by the hundreds.  Over two hundred chemicals have been discovered in some municipal water systems that are not regulated to any degree by the EPA.  Not to mention the hundreds present in our drinking water that are regulated. 

 Scary to think about but nonetheless true.    


 12396973_m    Clean water, pure water, chemical-free water, this is the type of healthy water we should be drinking and not the chemical laden H20 that flows from our taps. 


If you are contemplating investing in a water purifier for your home or business, right now you have an opportunity to save over $1000.00 on our outstanding ionized alkaline water purifiers.  Aside from the money you’ll save on your initial purchase, this is a sale that will continually deliver dividends on your investment.

 Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get and how much you will save.

The Tyent MMP 9090 Turbo-Under Counter Extreme Water Ionizer

While the brains of this model sit neatly under the counter, the beautifully designed dispenser with touch-pad control stands proudly atop the counter.  By purchasing right now, you can save $1000.00!


This UCE 9000 was another of the models tested by the prestigious and state certified Envirotek Laboratories for the 9000’s ability to purify chemical laden tap water and the results were outstanding.  Buy now and you’ll save $1,300.00 off our regular retail price.  

With added gifts and bonuses those savings could total $1,800.00!

 Need another reason?

In their laboratory controlled tests, the Tyent UCE 9000 and the UCE-11-Plate, seriously reduced the presence of hundreds of chemicals introduced into the system that were in greater volumes than generally found in tap water.


 Blue molecular-model-and-flasks-in-laboratory    To say that those results were impressive is an understatement.  The following harmful chemicals and many more were reduced to the degree of being labeled as, at acceptable levels.

  • Benzene
  • Trihalomethanes
  • Lead
  • Bromoform


Now is the time and this is the sale you have been waiting for.

Where else can you improve your health, drink pure water, and save over a thousand dollars in one neat little package?  Nowhere!

 Money Gift package

I encourage you to check into these fantastic special savings being offered in Tyent’s Carnival of Savings going on right now at Tyent USA.  Many more of our fine products have been reduced in price as well.


 BonusRemember to ask about all the Bonus gifts we’re adding on to your purchase in addition to all the great savings.


While this special Carnival of Savings is going on right now, it is scheduled to end soon, so please hurry!

To learn more, please follow this link.  You will be happy you did.




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