Five Tricks To Feeling Naturally Energized For the Holidays

The pre-Christmas excitement is well and truly underway.  I’m used to viewing shops through a filter of tinsel and fake snow; my children start every sentence with the timelessly festive words “I hope Santa brings me…” and I’ve got one eye on my party dress and the other on the scales.

No wonder Santa uses a sleigh.
No wonder Santa uses a sleigh.

And I feel okay.  But it’s early days, and I still have loads of time.  And loads to do.  Shopping.  So much shopping.  Making mince pies and Christmas cake.  Ferrying to children to a dozen parties and three separate Winter Wonderlands, each one The Real One.  A few drinks parties, a couple of evenings out with friends.  More shopping.  Wrapping and sending gifts.  Writing cards.  Forgetting to order the turkey.  Taking a wholly unnecessary stand on pigs in blankets.  Shopping.

Okay.  Now I feel tired.

If energy came in a wine glass, then frankly, at this time of year, with a glass of fizz being thrust into my hand by a shop assistant dressed as an elf even while shopping for slippers with my two year old, I’d be sorted.  It’s vital to recharge your batteries at this time of year, else you run the risk of festive overload.  Here are my top tips for getting through the season with energy left for NYE!

  1. Stay Hydrated With Alkaline WaterNumber 1 Way More Energy

This is such a biggie.  If I didn’t have so many other tips to squeeze in, I’d say it twice.  Tyent ionizers deliver the freshest, most beneficial alkaline water you can drink.  Alkaline water hydrates you faster and helps to keep your body in balance, at a time when you might well consume more rich food and alcohol than usual.  Hydration is key to feeling healthy and energetic.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Easy to say, less easy to achieve with parties, family gatherings and children getting increasingly excited about the Big Day.  But really, you must.  Failing to rest properly is a fast way to feeling depleted of energy.

  1. Eating For Energy 

You know what I mean by this.  Make sure that for every slice of pie and serving of buttery mashed potatoes, you have something simple and fresh; a plain salad and some steamed fish, maybe a stir fry of vegetables.  This isn’t about calories or weight watching; it’s about giving your digestive system a bit of a break every now and then.

  1. Say No. And Sometimes Say Yes

 If you know that you just want a night in with your PJ’s and your hands wrapped around a cup of herbal tea, then say a polite no when another invite arrives. If you’re snowed under and someone offers help, then don’t be a martyr and struggle on regardless; grab them by the sleeve and set them chopping carrots and pureeing pumpkin.

  1. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

 Forgotten the cranberry sauce? Toddler just used your new lipstick to draw ‘Shoes, mommy!’ onto her feet?  Grab a glass of alkaline water, find a quiet spot, and give yourself a few minutes to breathe.  Then straighten your paper hat, try to ignore the little ‘Russian Red’ high-pigment footprints leading to and from the box of chocolates you thought were hidden, and delegate everything delegable.


If All Else Fails…

I know, best laid plans and all that.  If you can’t manage everything I’ve suggested to stop your energy from dipping, then make the following three tips non-negotiable and everything else will probably fall into place!

  • Sleep well
  • Eat well
  • Drink alkaline water (Check out our deals here for the best ionizer for you.)

Wishing you all a magical Christmas!


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