10 Problems with Most Water Filters Today

You suspect that – like millions of other Americans – your tap water might contain harmful, or even deadly contaminants. The answer (you think) is to get a water filter. The truth is that most water filters help to a degree – any level of filtration is better than nothing – but water filters have their own issues.


10 Problems with Most Water Filters Today


The 10 Problems with Water Filters

We’ve rounded up the 10 biggest problems with most water filters today, so that you can make an informed decision about the water you and your family drink.

1. False Sense of Security 1. The first problem with most water filters, is that if the water tastes okay, then it must be clean, right? Removing the taste of chlorine, for example, is relatively easy for even a budget filter. The reality? Some of the deadliest contaminants have no taste whatsoever, so that’s a real problem for water filters.

2. False Sense of Security 2. Deadly contaminants also have no smell. Your filtered water smells good? Great, but it proves nothing about how clean it really is.

3. Out-of-date technology. Many water filters use simple, old-style filtration methods that work with some contaminants but aren’t sophisticated enough to remove many of the most toxic elements in your water.

4. Most water filters lack intelligence. Some water filters remove the vital minerals that your body needs for good health. That’s just creating a whole new problem that your body doesn’t need.

5. False Sense of Security 3. You knew there was a third, right? Okay, well toxic contaminants can’t be seen either. Lead, for example, is completely invisible in water.

6. Out of the 10 problems with most water filters today, how slowly the water is filtered is definitely one of them. If you have kids or a larger family, then a water filter that works at a snail’s pace just isn’t practical.

7. The cost. Water filters can be expensive. If they’re doing a good job, then great, they’re worth it. If they’re not, then it’s a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

8. Water filters face a big problem: removing chromium-6 (the ‘Erin Brockovich’ chemical) is too big a task for most water filters, and yet it’s one of the most dangerous chemicals in America’s water.

9. Water filters and human error. It’s easy to forget to change your water filter, and millions of people do exactly that. The result? Clogged filters, water that isn’t filtered properly, and an increased risk of bacteria growing in your water filter.

10. Counterfeit water filters are a problem. Instead of removing contaminants and toxins from your source water, some cheaply made fake filters actually introduce chemicals and dangerous substances into your water. It’s imperative that you check that your water filter complies with NSF safety standards.

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