The Most Amazing Christmas Gift for Someone Special!

How is your Christmas shopping going — all bought, wrapped and hidden away for the big day? No?  Same here.  Sure, a few things are organized, but what to get for that special someone? The significant other in your life can sometimes be the hardest person to buy for!  

Still searching for that perfect gift for someone special?
The Perfect Gift This Christmas

It can be tricky to buy the perfect gift for someone we love.  It’s got to be just right: thoughtful, something that they can use and enjoy often, and maybe something that makes life better, easier or even healthier!

We’ve got the perfect gift solution.  How about buying them a Tyent Water Ionizer this Christmas?  

Minimalist Chic or Counter-Top Style?

The UCE-11 is perfect in any kitchen – even smaller ones.  It looks suitably minimalist and chic for a very impressive Christmas gift, and when the recipient realizes how many incredible benefits there are to drinking pure, naturally antioxidant hydrogen water, they’ll be thrilled!

Or how about the ACE-11?  With its slim, sleek brushed-steel looks, this is an appliance that will enhance any kitchen!  With a smartphone-type screen, delicious, filtered hydrogen water is dispensed at the touch of a button.  

Easy Payments and a Lifetime Guarantee

Christmas is traditionally a pretty expensive time of year, so to help you buy that dream gift, we can offer affordable and attractive payment terms.  Not only that (because we know how much work goes into building Tyent water ionizers, combining craftsmanship with some of the finest engineering in the world), we can also confidently offer an unbeatable lifetime guarantee on all our ionizers.

Health and Happiness

What could be better than to gift someone special, something very special, to enhance their health, energy levels and well being all year round?  

Better than another box of candy and a scented candle, right?  

Get in Touch!

Why not give one of our customer care team a call today to talk about which of our ionizers will be best for you and your loved ones?  

We make it easy to own and install a water ionizer, so that all you need to do is sit back and wait to be told that you just made it the best (and healthiest!) Christmas ever!  

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