Cancer Centers With Water Ionizers

Nutrition and hydration are important for healthful living, but even more so if you become seriously ill.

Unsurprisingly, many cancer centers are proactively holistic in their therapeutic methodology, encouraging their patients to eat healthily. For example, The Oasis of Hope, an Alternative Cancer Treatment (C-ACT) center in Tijuana, Mexico goes further, giving their patients dedicated nutritional information and recipes, designed to support and aid recovery.


Cancer Centers With Water Ionizers


The Oasis of Hope

Dr. Francisco Contreras is a surgeon and eminent oncologist and serves as director and chairman of The Oasis of Hope Hospital. Dr. Contreras has worked hard over a distinguished career to uphold and further the fundamental principles of patient care established by his father, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., who founded The Oasis of Hope in 1963.

Healthful Hydration and Good Nutrition

An intrinsic part of the conventional and alternative therapies offered to patients is nutritional advice for the period of treatment and beyond. Within that, hydration is a key component of supporting a resilient and healthful state. We’re proud that Tyent Water Ionizers are installed at The Oasis of Hope, for the benefit of patients to enjoy during their period of treatment.


“We at the Oasis of Hope Hospital have a Tyent USA water ionizer in our dining room for all of our patients so that they can have unlimited filtered, alkaline water. We are happy with the water quality, taste, and the ORP rating that Tyent Water™ provides our cancer patients.”             

Dr Francisco Contreras, MD


A Water Ionizer at Home?

It’s so easy to install a water ionizer at home. The machine plumbs directly into your source water, transforming it into antioxidant-rich, energizing hydration that reaches every single part of your body.



Ready to find out more? This is a great time to invest in your family’s health and install a water ionizer in your home.

Why not take that first step and call our friendly team for more information at ?


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4 thoughts on “Cancer Centers With Water Ionizers

  1. Such a beautiful read, thank you! I guess the convenience of a water filtration system is better for the treatment center too.

    1. Hi, Peter. We’re so glad you liked the article!

      Yes, the convenience of our water ionizers definitely makes a huge difference since it provides these patients and thousands of our other customers access to healthy, mineral-rich ionized water. Our ionizers can get rid of over 200 contaminants in your source water, many of which can actually contribute to cancer cases in the USA. You can read our third-party filtration report about this here.

      We’d love to talk to you about our water ionizers over the phone, so please give our water experts a call at 855-893-6887.

    1. Hi, Evan. All of Tyent’s water ionizers are perfect for a family of any size! Are you looking for an ionizer that sits on the counter or an under-the-counter water ionizer?

      Some of our top-selling models are the (an under-counter model), the ACE-13 (a countertop model), and the Alkaline H2 Hybrid (another countertop model).

      Each link includes their specs, terms, and prices and videos with everything you need to know about our machines. All of our units come with a Lifetime warranty with no fine print. Plus, we offer a 75-day trial, too. Also, note that our water ionizer pricing sometimes changes because of the sales that we’re running.

      If you prefer to talk on the phone, give us a call at 855-893-6887 so that one of our water ionizer experts can discuss the awesome features of our machines with you, and answer all of your questions.

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