5 Reasons to Love Tyent’s Ultra Filters

We’re all worried about what’s in our water. We read about lead in our tap water at home, and in school water. Even Hollywood is buzzing with how toxic our tap water is.

But drinking enough water and maintaining healthy levels of hydration is vital. So what can we do to make sure that we’re drinking safe water all the time?

5 Reasons to Love Tyent’s Ultra Filters

Safety First With a Water Ionizer

A water ionizer is a perfect solution. It’s plumbed into your water supply so that your tap water runs through the water ionizer unit, where it is filtered, ionized and infused with therapeutic molecular hydrogen.

Filtering out toxins and contaminants from tap water is a challenge for lesser machines. A Tyent water ionizer has exceptional powers of filtration for complete peace of mind.

5 Reasons To Love Our Filters!

Tyent ionizers are officially the best water ionizers in the world. One of the reasons that our machines are so sought after is because of the astonishingly advanced filtration powers that every Tyent water ionizer possesses.

What makes our filters so special? Here are 5 solid reasons to love them!

  1. Tyent Ultra Plus Filters have a .01 micron filtration level – the same as that found in kidney dialysis machines in hospitals. Our industry-leading filters are tested by a third-party laboratory and verified to remove over 200 contaminants, including up to 99% of lead, mercury, pharmaceuticals, and beryllium.
  1. Our Chromium 6 Removal System is a 4-bank pre-filter that takes out deadly toxins – including radioactive radium – that lesser filters from our competitors just can’t touch. And we don’t stop there: we customize our pre-filters to suit your source water, removing uranium, fluoride and the cancer-causing chemical Chromium-6
  1. Our incredible water filters aren’t just powerful: they’re smart too. Our filters take out the dangerous stuff but don’t strip water of essential minerals in the process.
  1. Tyent filters are easy to replenish with a front-loading, one-touch replacement system that everyone can manage.
  1. Our filters are certified by the NSF – the internationally recognized public health and safety organization and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

We take our position at the forefront of the industry seriously. We know that our customers demand pure, safe, clean water that tastes amazing. That’s exactly what a Tyent water ionizer delivers every time.


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12 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Love Tyent’s Ultra Filters

    1. Hi, Sasha. We’re glad to hear that. You can check out our other article if you’re curious about our filters and how they work.

      You can experience our state-of-the-art Ultra Filters when you purchase any of Tyent’s water ionizers. Dial 855-893-6887 and our experts can tell you all about the spectacular features of our machines.

    1. Hi, Bruno. That’s great to hear. You can own a Tyent machine in the very near future when you apply for our financing program for as little as $25 per month. If you’re curious to know more about it, give us a call at 855-893-6887 and our water ionizer experts will happily accommodate you.

    1. Hi, Carlos. All Tyent Water Ionizers are composed of a dual filtration system. The primary filter contains ACF active carbon that removes large contaminants like organic compounds, chlorine, rust, and sediment, while the secondary filter contains ceramic material that balances the ions and minerals in the water. They have the same micron level and filtration capabilities as a kidney dialysis machine, removing over 200 contaminants including 99% of lead, and up to 99% of lead, mercury, beryllium, uranium and fluoride (with specialty pre-filter installed). Also, some of our pre-filters contain activated alumnia and carbon to remove these chemicals.

  1. Hi, what material do your filters remove and what exactly do they remove? And can I get a comparison between these filters and the filters of Enagic?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi, Derek. Thanks for your questions. All Tyent water ionizers are composed of a dual filtration system. The primary filter contains ACF active carbon that removes large contaminants like organic compounds, chlorine, rust, and sediment, while the secondary filter contains ceramic material that balances the ions and minerals in the water. Also, some of our pre-filters contain activated alumina and carbon to remove the chemicals we listed in the article. You can check out our third-party filtration report for more info on what our filters get rid of.

      For your next question, we’re proud to say that Tyent’s filters are better than Enagic’s in many ways. Tyent’s two large filters have a lot of filtering media in each filter, while Enagic only offers 1 small filter. If you hold our filters next to Enagic’s, you can see the size difference.

      Their filters are just not as advanced as ours. When solid plates (Kangen/Enagic) alone are used, there is not enough electrolysis produced to provide optimum -ORP and pH levels, compared to our upgraded Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates. Plus, chemicals must be added to the Enagic water ionizer to get better pH results. On the other hand, Tyent is chemical-free.

      We would love to talk to you about this over the phone, so please call our water experts at 855-893-6887 so that they can happily accommodate you.

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