5 Fun Summer Activities that Burn Calories by the Pound

Need to shape up and lose a few pounds?  Want to replace the wobbly bits with toned muscles?

“I’m actually burning calories doing this?  No way!”
Fitness for Fun!

Either way, the best way to pick a healthy activity and stick to it is to make it fun!  It sounds obvious, right?  We’re grown-ups after all.  We get to choose what we do to keep fit.  So find something you love!  Need inspiration?  Then grab a glass of Tyent Water and check out our top 5 picks!

  • Hiking. Great for an all over workout that can be as gentle or as tough as you make it.  Act like a kid and jump on tree stumps and rocks as you go, or swing from a branch or two for extra fun fitness!
  • Zumba! Zumba is so ridiculously popular that there’s probably a class starting right now, two streets away.  Or one street away.  A heady cocktail of intoxicating music and dance moves that reference salsa, merengue, hip-hop and more; Zumba could not be hotter.  Or more fun.  People really get hooked on Zumba and it’s easy to understand why!
  • On Your Bike! Cycling is brilliant exercise, good for the planet and a great way to get to work or have fun as a family!
  • Swim Success. Another activity to tune to your own capabilities and fitness levels, swimming makes you feel great.  Nearly all your muscle groups get involved for a full body workout!  Indoor pools seem a little uninspiring?  Find out which nearby rivers, beaches or lakes provide safe wild swimming and dive right in!
  • Climbing. Outdoor climbing routes or an indoor wall to start honing your skills are everywhere.  Climbing is fantastic for core strength and developing strong arms and legs.  It’s also exhilarating and seriously good fun!
Hydrate Fast With a Water Ionizer 

Whatever you do to stay fit and healthy, make sure that you’re hydrated.  Tyent Water hydrates you much more quickly than regular water and helps cut your recovery time after any kind of workout.

Help From Your Water Ionizer

With more antioxidants, minerals and hydrogen in every glass than you can shake a pair of Zumba leggings at, ionized Tyent Water will help you to reach your fitness goals this summer.

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