Are There Any Dangers with Alkaline Ionizers?

Big question.  The answer?  Well it depends on your ionizer, your source water and how the two work together.

Are there any dangers you should know about?
Source Water Worries

Let’s look at source water first.  Is your water contaminated by herbicides, pesticides, chemicals or even worse – lead?  The harsh truth is if you buy a water ionizer that doesn’t filter your source water properly, it can be dangerous.  The reason?  Well, some machines will process the water and produce alkaline water with a higher concentration of contaminants than the original source water.

Not good news at all.

What’s in the Water?

There’s also the “unknown” to factor in.  Pharmaceutical companies are producing ever-more complex medicinal compounds.  As a result, America’s water system is awash with all kinds of new combinations of drugs.  The results of these contaminants being ionized are almost certainly unknown.

The only way to be sure that you’re not drinking ionized contaminants is to drink only from an ionizer that filters out all of the bad stuff.

The Water Ionizer with the Best Filtration

That’s exactly what Tyent water ionizers do.  Our machines are reassuringly thorough when it comes to filtration.  Tyent filters remove over 200 contaminants and 99% of lead for complete peace of mind.  In fact, Tyent water ionizers have the same filtration capabilities as kidney dialysis machines.  That means that the water you drink is clean, safe and delicious.

We’re all waking up to the horrors that lurk in water systems across America.  There has never been a better time to invest in a water ionizer and know that the water your family is drinking is safe.

How About Water Ionizers from China?

Cheap imported ionizers from Taiwan and China carry a whole new set of dangers.  Found a bargain ionizer from China with a “lead free” certificate?  You might be shocked to learn that there’s a whole separate business in fake “lead free” certification designed to trick you, so don’t take the risk.

Tyent Water Ionizer Benefits

Of course, Tyent Water also delivers a slew of other benefits from boosting your immune system and increasing your energy levels, to helping you get the fabulous glowing skin you’ve always wanted and even keeping your home clean!

With very attractive financing terms and an unbeatable lifetime guarantee, a Tyent ionizer is within reach of most household budgets.  Why not grab your free water report and call us on to find out more?

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