Beautiful News about Hydrogen and Your Water Ionizer

The Japanese have loved the effects of drinking water enriched with hydrogen (or shin’nooru) for so long, it’s part and parcel of their culture.

Young scientist looking at flask with hydrogen water surprisingly
The power of hydrogen amazes scientists once again.
Hydrogen and Water Ionizers

This study identified an anti-aging phenomenon that Japanese women have known about for years.  Scientists observed that external application of hydrogen-rich ionized water inhibited the formation of wrinkles and boosted collagen production.

Smoothing wrinkles and holding on to youthful skin is pretty much the Holy Grail of beauty for millions of us, so that’s pretty big news.

“HW-bathing significantly improved wrinkle in four subjects on the back of neck on 90th day as compared to 0 day. Thus, HW may serve as daily skin care to repress UVA-induced skin damages by ROS-scavenging and promotion of type-I collagen synthesis in dermis.”

                                             – Kato S, Saitoh Y, Iwai K, Miwa N

Beauty and the Water Ionizer

Every glass of Tyent Water is brimming with amazing hydrogen.  Produced by electrolysis inside your water ionizer, available hydrogen gas dissolves into the water, ready to drink.  When you realize what it can do to your skin, imagine how much good it’s doing inside!

 “It is not an overstatement to say that hydrogen’s impact on therapeutic and preventive medicine could be enormous in the future.” 

                                                       –   Free Radical Research 2010 

Get Your Glow On!

Tyent Water hydrates your body more quickly than regular water.  Being hydrated doesn’t just make you feel good; it shows in your appearance as well!  Glowing, clear skin is just one of the welcome effects you can look forward to when you drink ionized water on a regular basis.

Learn More! 

Want to learn more about how ionized water can make you look as fabulous as you feel?  Why not give us a call at or take a look at our Cheat Sheet for more incredible facts about Tyent Water!

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