Working 9 to 5?  5 Awesome Ways Your Water Ionizer Can Help

Commute to a desk job?  Work outdoors or in the family home?  Whatever shape your regular work takes, sometimes you might feel like the daily grind has, well, ground you down!

Unmotivated at work
This really isn’t a good look at work.
How Your Water Ionizer Can Help!

The great news is that Tyent Water can help to restore and support your work performance.  Drinking hydrogen-rich water from your water ionizer will have you firing on all cylinders every day!  But how?

  • Brain Power. All of our cells need water to stay healthy and function properly.  Our brains are composed of around 75 percent water.  Dehydration can lead to decreased cognitive ability and even depressive symptoms.  
  • Lacking energy?  Then you (and maybe even your boss!) will know that you’re not working to the best of your abilities.  Drinking water from your water ionizer can change all that and give you back your edge. 
  • Sleep better. Who can function at their best without sleep?  Okay, most of us can handle the odd rough night, but poor quality sleep on a regular basis will definitely impact your productivity.  Drinking water from your Tyent water ionizer can actually help you sleep better and wake feeling properly rested. 
  • Immune support. Tyent Water contains masses of antioxidants that shore up your immune system.  Cut right back on sick days and impress everyone with your dynamism! 
  • Look sharp! Drinking plenty of ionized water gives you a glow and radiance that shouts energy and verve. Someone projecting healthy, positive vibes is an asset to any work environment!
Take Your Water Ionizer to Work!

Depending on where you work, you might even be able to persuade the boss to install a water ionizer in the workplace!  If you are the boss, then why not follow the example of Dave Green, CEO of Willow Bend Fitness?  Dave was so impressed with his Tyent ionizer that he wanted his staff and customers to benefit as well! Hear what he has to say:


Want to Learn More?

Take a peek at our awesome Cheat Sheet for many more amazing facts about Tyent Water!

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  1. Is there a cheaper way to get one of your water ionizers? I might get one for my office but I dont know if I can afford it.

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