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The Results are in and Tyent USA Scores Off the Charts!


 A++   There is a lot of talk going on these days about water.  Out west, they are talking about the lack of it with a statewide drought in California the likes of which hasn’t been seen in decades.  Down south, the talk is the nearly five feet of water the city of New Orleans receives each year.


In the Eastern United States however, all the buzz is about the release of the test results from Envirotek Laboratories, the state approved,New Jersey testing facility for water purity.


Envirotek tested the water purifying capabilities of the Tyent MMP 9090T and our UCE 9000T ionized alkaline water purifiers by running hundreds of dangerous chemicals through Tyent’s Ultra Filters.  Their findings were outstanding!

 Many competitors in the water purification business are touting their ACFs or Activated Carbon Filters and rightly so.  Activated carbon filters do remove many impurities from ordinary tap water.  Here is how ACFs work.




Activated carbon (AC), is a natural material derived from bituminous coal, lignite, wood, coconut shell etc., activated by steam and other means with each one having different adsorption properties (e.g. bituminous carbon for high chlorine reduction capacity). Some manufacturers use various blends of carbon to achieve specific water quality and contaminants reduction.


While effective to a large degree, such as the removal of chlorine, odor, and bad taste from water, activated carbon filters fall far short when it comes to serious filtration.  They cannot filter out fluorides, nitrates, some heavy metals, arsenic and more and can actually (and do) become breeding grounds for bacteria.


ACFs are good.  But let’s go from good to great, as in Tyent ionized alkaline water machines and their mind-blowing test grades.


These Tyent machines, tested under the strictest of laboratory conditions, yielded results that stunned even the technicians performing the tests.


Literally hundreds of chemicals were introduced into the system and in higher than normal volumes.  Here are but a handful that was tested.


 Lab Techs




 Drinking Water Contaminants Tested


  • Barium-Can increase blood pressure and adversely affect the nervous and circulatory system


  • Mercury-Affects the kidneys and the nervous system


  • Beryllium-Classified as a carcinogen, associated with intestinal lesions and skin and lung disorders


  • Lead-Associated with delayed physical and mental development, kidney disorders and ADD


  • Polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs-These can accumulate in the body over time and cause a myriad of health problems especially in new-borns whose mother has been exposed to PCBs


  • Cadmium-Linked to kidney disorders, bronchitis and anemia


  • Silver-Linked to liver damage, brain damage, lung damage and anemia


  • Benzene-This deadly chemical is classified as a Class “A” carcinogen by the EPA


Shockingly, the chemicals listed above are merely the tip of the iceberg of poisons, pollutants, dangerous chemicals, pesticides from agricultural run-off and pharmaceuticals found in our drinking water.  Many of them carcinogenic.


Harmful to our health and just scary to think about, these dangerous and deadly chemicals should be avoided at all costs.  Which brings me to the good; check that…the great news, that Tyent USA can now share with you today.


 Poison bottle    

We are immensely proud to announce that both Tyent’s MMP 9090T and our UCE 9000T, eliminated 100% of not only these chemicals, but also 100% of hundreds more dangerous chemicals as well; too numerous to list in this blog literally.


The remarkable cleansing abilities of these exclusive Ultra Filters are unprecedented.


Alkaline Water... it is for everybody! - tyentusa.com  With our drinking water literally swimming in dangerous and deadly chemicals, coupled with the outstanding lab test results on Tyent’s ionized alkaline water systems for the home or office, there has never been a better time to invest in the purest, most chemical free drinking water attainable from Tyent USA.

 It’s time to drink healthy.  It’s time to drink pure water from Tyent.

 I encourage you to learn more about this remarkably clean water and you can do so by following this link.



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