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                  Tyent Looks at Three of the Great Lakes


The Great Lakes Map     North America is home to a series of fresh water lakes known as the Great Lakes.  Stretching from Minnesota to New York and from Illinois into Canada, these lakes contain nine tenths of all the fresh water in the United States and about a fifth of the world’s fresh surface water.

 There are five lakes in total (six if you count Lake St. Claire).  Can you name the remaining five Great Lakes?

 Times up.  Close your eyes if don’t want to see.  Wait a minute, then you couldn’t read the blog.


 The five Great Lakes


  • Lake Superior


  • Lake Huron


  • Lake Ontario


  • Lake Erie


  • Lake Michigan



If you have ever wondered why they are called the Great Lakes, wonder no longer.  Here is a little insight, some very interesting statistics, and fascinating facts about these remarkable bodies of water.


 Lake Superior

Ocean-wave  When you talk about big, Lake Superior has earned its moniker.  The sheer size of this lake is mind blowing.   By surface area, this Great Lake is the largest lake in the world, covering some 31,700 square miles.  Not only is Lake Superior the largest of all the Great Lakes, it is also the cleanest and clearest with visibility approaching nearly 30 feet in some areas. 

It also contains more water than all the remaining Great Lakes…combined!  Even at that, there would still be enough water left over to form three more Lake Eries!


  Water 5 More incredible facts about Lake Superior


  • The average depth of this enormous body of water is nearly 500 feet


  • At its deepest point, an ocean-like 1,333 feet gets you to the bottom (1/4 mile)


  • If spread out, it would cover North and South America with a foot of water


  • If stretched, it would reach from Duluth, Minnesota, to The Bahamas


  • Lake Superior contains 10% of all the fresh water in the world



Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan, the third largest of the Great Lakes.  It was once known as the “Lake of the Stinking Water,” until explorers, Joliet and Marquette furthered their exploration and the name eventually settled upon was Lake Michigan.


Here are five facts about the Great Lake Michigan


  • At one time, the Indians of the region called it Michi gami


  • It is the sixth largest fresh water lake in the entire world


  • It is the only Great Lake that sits entirely within the United States


  • The water surface area covers a vast 22,300 square miles


  • It is 900 feet deep


 Lake Erie

 Lake Erie is the smallest of the Great Lakes with a surface of around 10,000 square miles.


 Here are five aquatic facts about this great little lake


  • It measures 241 miles across


  • It has 871 miles of shoreline


  • It’s average depth is about 60 feet


  • At its deepest is a skosh over 200 feet


  • With its fertile shoreline soil, it is heavily farmed and is the most densely populated of the five Great Lakes basins


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