Tyent Water Ionizers Versus the Competition, Part 7: Water Ionizer vs. Bottled Water

We hope you’re loving our 10-part series on how a water ionizer compares to other means of getting your drinking water.  So far, we’ve looked at a few types of machine and equipment, and today we’re examining how water ionizers stack up against the ubiquitous bottled water.

Plastic Planet
Plastic Planet

Have You Got the Bottle? 

Bottled water is undeniably convenient.  Widely available to the point of saturation, to use a suitably watery metaphor; most of us are probably only a few feet away from a bottle of water at any time.

Handily, bottled water comes in lots of different guises to suit your pocket and tastes.  Mineral water, spring water…even alkaline water is available in a bottle.  Importantly, it’s also relatively cheap to buy, so bottled water has to be a winner, right?

Well, no.  For reasons that are impossible to ignore, bottled water isn’t the easy, breezy option it appears.  Just because it comes in a shiny, mass-produced plastic bottle, that doesn’t necessarily make it safe.

The Real Cost of Bottled Water

Bottled alkaline water is usually a good option in a pinch, but some bottled waters are little more than purified or filtered tap water.  Knowing this makes buying even cheap bottled water seem a bit…expensive?

But it’s not really the cost to your wallet that is the biggest issue.  The number of discarded plastic bottles every year is staggering.  Despite recycling facilities being freely available, most of our plastic still ends up in a landfill, with only a relatively small proportion being recycled.  Discarded plastic chokes our oceans and is slowly shrink-wrapping our precious planet.

Plastic also possibly harms us.  Found in millions of plastic bottles, BPA (Bisphenol A) remains highly controversial.  BPA isn’t banned because officially, the jury is still out.  But the reassurances that regularly imbibing trace amounts of a known carcinogen are based largely on, “well, as far as we know…” rather than any hard evidence.

Also, most bottled water is acidic.  For our bodies to function in an optimum way, we need to keep a balanced pH, or a slightly more alkaline state.  If our pH becomes acidic, it’s bad news for our health.

At best, bottled water is neutral, and doesn’t give any “added health value” in the same way that Tyent ionized alkaline water does.

Ionized Water on the Go

Freshly ionized alkaline water delivers what bottled water cannot: antioxidant benefits and hydrogen-rich, ultra-hydrating water that can boost your energy and well-being simply by drinking it.

Environmentally, it makes sense as well.  Tyent reusable GoodLife bottles mean that you can take your ionized water out and about with you, so no more lingering guilt over contributing to landfill.

stack bottled water

Weighing Up the Facts!

Tyent Ionizers are a cleaner, greener option than bottled water, and deliver so much more with every single mouthful.

But it’s what you think that matters!  Now you have the facts, which option is the best one for you?  If you have any questions about our ionizers or the health benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water, then don’t hesitate to call us at !

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