Tyent Water Ionizers Versus the Competition, Part 8: Water Ionizer vs. Well Water

We’re nearing the end of our 10-part series on how ionizers compare to other types of drinking water, but we still have a few more options for you to think about!

Just how safe is well water?
Just how safe is well water?

Looking Well?

Today, we’re looking at the pros and cons of drinking water from your own well.  Firstly, the major plus is that you’re off grid; you have your own water supply and no more water bills.  You and your family can drink water that isn’t part of America’s beleaguered water network, and perhaps that’s looking more and more attractive?

But it’s wrong to think that well water is somehow inherently safer than it’s municipal counterpart.  Back in the day, maybe it was easy to draw your own clean(ish) water.  We know that the deeper a well is dug, the cleaner the water probably is, and that any well should be sited a good distance away from animal pens, chemical storage areas and any herbicides and pesticides.

Bright Lights, Big City

But even with the best efforts, the reality is that we farm and live very differently to how we did a century ago.  Big towns have sprung from small settlements and huge cities have sprung from former towns.

We both use and produce markedly larger quantities of dangerous contaminants, and municipal sewerage malfunctions are hardly unheard of.  The composition of our groundwater has changed dramatically with progress and time and it now contains more toxic elements than ever before.

Test Your Own Water

Wells aren’t subject to any compulsory testing so it’s vital that well owners test their water regularly – at least annually – by employing an expert, and not relying on home testing kits.  Once well water is tested, filtered, possibly processed through a reverse osmosis machine and then re-mineralized to replace the essential minerals stripped by the RO process, you probably have drinkable water.

How Does Ionized Water Compare?

If you compare that to an ionizer, then the differences loom large.  Tyent offers a free water report to check exactly what’s in your source water, so that you know what’s being filtered out.

Every time you draw a glass of water from your water ionizer, you know that it’s clean, safe and delicious to drink.  Not only that, but Tyent ionizers produce alkaline water that’s brimming with essential minerals, free-radical fighting antioxidants and vital hydrogen.

Young fit male drinking water.

Can We Help?

We live in a world of choices and it’s important to make the right one about the water you drink.  Why not speak to one of our experts at about our ionizers, to help you make the right decision about your drinking water?

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