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                                            Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!


 Happy Friday-beach    Well, the weekend is once again upon us.  Friday is a very popular day with the American worker while Tuesday is the day most newborns like to make their appearance.



Five Fun Friday Facts


 Five with eyes


  • Fear of Friday the 13th  has a name- Paraskavedekatriafobyia


  • In Catholic countries, Friday is the sixth day of the week


  • In old Germanic tribes, this day of week was dedicated to the Goddess Freya, and that’s where the word Friday comes from in English


  • An ancient legend says, on Wednesday and Friday-two angels will take you into Heaven


  • In most places, looking forward to the last day of the week before the weekend is known as Friday’s Syndrome



Honesty is the Best Policy


 Judge     A man stood before the judge.  The judge says, “Sir, you are accused of stealing a can of peaches, can you explain why you stole them?  Were you hungry and didn’t have the money to pay for them or what?”


The man replied smugly, “No, I wasn’t hungry judge, and I had the money to pay for them in my pocket…I just didn’t feel like it.”


The judge says, “Okay then, I could let you off with a warning, but I don’t feel like it either.  About how many peaches were in that can?”


“Six.” He smirked.


“Alright, I’m going to sentence you to one month in jail for every peach in that can.”


Just then, the man’s wife jumped up.  “What?” The judge snapped.


“He stole a can of peas too.”


What’s In A Name?


In Brunswick, Georgia, police served a warrant on a man for stealing and forging a check.  When the police confronted him at his home, he denied knowing anything about it.  The officers shook their heads as they showed him the check.  An officer explained.  “Look here”, pointing to the front of the check.  “That’s not my name.” the man replied quickly.  “No, that one isn’t, that’s the name on the front of the person whose check it is…but you (turning the check over), signed your real name on the back and even put your driver’s license number on there.”  “Oh.” The man said.  “I’ve never done anything like this before, I found the blank check in the parking lot.”  “I must have just gone into check cashing mode when she asked me for my ID and I just signed my real name.”   

  Dumb guy  

How dumb.  He was arrested and taken to jail.


Okay then, we’re out of here.


Have a great weekend everybody.  After all, it’s Fun Friday!



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