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How can you be absolutely certain that the water ionizer you buy is safe? Which water ionizers should you never buy?

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Water Ionizer Safety


Taking Responsibility
Beware! Which Imported Water Ionizers Should You NEVER Buy?
Deadly Irony?
Tyent Water Ionizers: Certified and Safe
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Taking Responsibility

With Covid-related supply issues and empty shelves in 2020, more people started to think about the wisdom of preserving food and finding ways of storing any surplus for leaner times.

Canning is a popular method of preserving, and nothing beats pantry shelves stacked with bottles and jars containing everything from beans and artichokes, to jam and marinara sauce.

There’s a reason why there are websites dedicated to bottling foods safely. The poisonous spores of botulism thrive where good canning practice isn’t followed, and that particularly dangerous toxin cannot be seen, smelled or tasted.

In other words, danger isn’t always immediately obvious. We need to take responsibility for fact-checking and never cut corners when it comes to our health.


Beware! Which Imported Water Ionizers Should you NEVER Buy?

And so it is with water ionizers. Cheap imports – often from China and Taiwan – are slipping past overtaxed FDA checkpoints and finding their way onto the open market.

When you search for a water ionizer online, you’ll probably encounter some pretty cheap ones. They look fine, and they’re cheap, so it’s a no-brainer, right?

Wrong.  Some ionizers – even those that seem like a real bargain – have design flaws that can’t be spotted upon casual inspection. More seriously, these water ionizers often lack proper certification. A machine that doesn’t meet the minimum safety standard is potentially hazardous and could put you and your family’s health at risk.


Deadly Irony?

Imported ionizers from China and Taiwan, frequently arrive with bogus ‘lead-free’ certification. Those certificates are often fake, and your ‘bargain’ ionizer may not be lead-free at all. Imagine the grim irony of buying a water ionizer to filter out contaminants from your source water, only to discover that the ionizer itself contains lead.

Lead can have a catastrophic effect on health – particularly that of children. Just like botulism spores, lead cannot be seen, tasted or smelled. A scary thought, especially if you have no idea whether that ‘lead-free’ sticker on the side of your cheap ionizer is real or not.


Tyent Water Ionizers: Certified and Safe

Buying a water ionizer is an investment in your health. For more than a decade, Tyent ionizers have been setting the highest standards for innovation, safety and performance. Our scrupulous attention to detail is why we remain the undisputed market leaders.

With a lifetime guarantee and more certifications than you can shake a stick at, no one takes safety more seriously than us.

“At Tyent USA we have earned all the highest certifications for our products confirming our superior quality. All our certifications have been received from external assessment agencies ratifying Tyent products meet the stringent international safety, environmental and health standards.”            Tyent USA


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