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Three New Studies Conclude; Vitamins Don’t Work!


That’s life.  Just as you start settling in and getting comfortable with what you have always believed was good and healthy for you, along comes another scientific study that says it’s time to readjust the paradigm. 


Vitamin pile of pills     This time, the target is vitamins.  Growing up, I had always heard; take vitamin C for colds, B12 for energy, A and D for strong bones, etc.  However, several recent studies by various and sundry doctors, conclude that while taking vitamins is big business, it is not necessarily good science. 


For this blog, along with other sources, I relied on Brenda Goodman’s article for WebMD in which she lays out the results of three studies done on the benefits of taking vitamins.  The conclusions drawn by several experts casts a dark shadow on the claims made by multivitamin manufacturers.

 It would appear that vitamins are not at all as healthy for us as they are promoted to be.


What the experts are saying about Multi-Vitamins


 Three new studies published last year in the journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, showed that taking daily doses of multi-vitamins was no more beneficial than taking a placebo.  In fact, there is mounting evidence to suggest that some vitamins may even be harmful to your health.

 One of several experts conducting the study was Doctor Eliseo Guallar, a professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  He concluded and stated, “We believe that it’s clear that vitamins are not working.”

 In an editorial on the results of their studies, Doctor Guallar and his coauthors made it quite clear that it was their belief that people should stop wasting their money taking vitamins. 




 *The first study involving vitamins and memory lasted twelve years and involved six thousand male doctors over the age of sixty-five.  One group took a Centrum Silver multi-vitamin while the other took a placebo that looked like a Centrum.  The participants were then given a laundry list of memory tests every few years with surprising results.  At the end of the twelve-year study researchers found virtually no difference between those who had taken the actual vitamin and those who had taken the placebo.  No difference. 

 In the second study, nearly two thousand heart attack survivors participated by taking high doses of multi-vitamins and minerals for a period of nearly four years, while some in the group were given placebos.  At the conclusion of the study it was determined that the number of deaths, chest pains, strokes and even second heart attacks, showed no significant difference between the two groups.

 The third study, conducted for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, was actually a review and assessment of twenty-seven studies on vitamins and mineral supplements involving nearly a half million people.  That study concluded that there was no evidence showing that vitamins and supplements offered any benefit at all for heart disease patients or helped to delay death in any way from any cause.


 Bottle-with-a-question  The results of these studies on vitamins were so obvious that in his conclusion Doctor Guallar made this statement.  “The probability of a meaningful effect is so small that it’s not worth doing study after study and spending research dollars on these questions.”


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