The Future for Flint’s Children

In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine published the results of an 11-year study into the long term cognitive and neurobehavioral effects of lead exposure in children.  

What are the long terms behavioral effects of lead exposure for children?
What Does Lead Do?

The children had been exposed to lead during their childhood, in some cases relatively low levels.  132 test subjects were re-examined in 1988 and the following neurobehavioral traits were identified as being related to lead exposure during childhood:

  • School absenteeism
  • Lower vocabulary
  • Poorer hand/eye co-ordination
  • Slower reaction times
“No Safe Level of Lead”

Although some lead can be excreted by the body, children are more susceptible to long term effects from lead exposure, as their immature gut absorbs lead more swiftly.  Compared to adults, children only expel around one third of lead in their bodies.  

“There is no safe level of lead.”

~ Marjorie Treadwell, M.D., Maternal & Fetal Medicine University of Michigan

Lead, Fertility and Birth Outcomes

What about the neurobehavioral prospects when it comes to maternal lead exposure?  A working paper studying lead’s effect on fertility and birth outcomes in Flint makes despondent reading.  It refers to the research that identifies how lead crosses the placenta, directly poisoning the fetus.  

As well as the cognitive implications, maternal lead exposure can lead to catastrophic outcomes, including:

  • fetal death
  • prenatal growth abnormalities
  • reduced gestational period
  • reduced birth weight
It’s Not Just Flint

Of course, the problem isn’t just confined to Flint.  Across America, millions of children are drinking water that is potentially contaminated by lead.  Although lead pipes were outlawed by congress some years ago, many miles of lead pipeline have yet to be replaced.  

The Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative makes its aims clear in its title — to replace the lead pipes that are threatening the health of millions of Americans.  

The Tyent Ionizer Solution

So what can you do if you’re worried about the water in your taps? Tyent Ionizer filters have the same micron level and filtration capabilities as a kidney dialysis machine.  Our filters remove over 200 contaminants, including up to 99% of lead, mercury, beryllium, uranium and fluoride, when a two-bank filter is added.  

Peace of Mind With Tyent

The water from a Tyent Ionizer is clean and rich in natural hydrogen and antioxidants to give real peace of mind for you and your loved ones.  

Why not take a look at our Cheat Sheet for more information about Tyent Ionizers?  

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  1. How do your machines remove those contaminants anyway? What makes your filters different from the filters of other ionizers on the market?

    1. Hi, Aidan. Thanks for your questions. All of Tyent’s water ionizers contain an electrolysis chamber that ionizes the water and world-class Solid/Mesh hybrid plates that make our filtration system effective and on par with that of a kidney dialysis machine. These filtration plates offer the durability of a solid plate and go a step further by having electrolysis distribution holes strategically placed throughout to provide the most groundbreaking electrolysis chamber in the world. Plus, our filtration system is totally chemical-free!

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