Parents’ Guide to Alkaline Water

As parents, we all want the best for our kids. What can you do to make sure that the water they drink is safe, clean and helps to support good health?

Giving your kids alkaline water straight from a Tyent water ionizer is great for them in so many ways!


Parents' Guide to Alkaline Water


Clean Water, Happy Kids

Smile! Alkaline Water is Great for Teeth!

Energize Your Little Ones with Alkaline Water

Hydration for Hot Days

Alkaline Water for Mental Focus!


Clean Water, Happy Kids

One of the most poignant aspects of the Flint Water Crisis – and all the other water crisis situations across the country – is how badly kids are affected.

Lead can be catastrophic to children’s health. It can cause lifelong medical problems and learning difficulties; and NO amount of lead consumption is safe.

While jug filters and inferior water ionizers reduce contaminants at best, Tyent Water Ionizers remove up to 99% of lead and other dangerous toxic elements.

Lead, Chromium 6, pharmaceutical residues, and hundreds more contaminants are in the tap water of millions of homes, schools and businesses across the nation.

By installing a Tyent water ionizer at home, you can make sure that every glass of water that your child drinks will be safe, clean and delicious.

Smile! Alkaline Water is Great for Teeth!

Even more good news: alkaline water is fantastic for kids’ teeth!

Alkaline water helps to neutralize the acids in your mouth that are produced after eating a sugary snack. While it might be impractical to get your kids to clean their teeth after every single snack that comes their way – particularly if you’re out of the house – drinking alkaline water in between brushing is a brilliant way of protecting tooth enamel.

Alkaline water is also a fantastic way of delivering a slew of tooth-friendly minerals as well!

Energize Your Little Ones with Alkaline Water

Kids have bundles of natural energy! However, you can still keep their action-levels topped up with alkaline water for a healthy, delicious burst of energy in every glass!

Thousands of naturally occurring molecular hydrogen bubbles penetrate each cell to deliver a shot of energy that they will really feel!

Hydration for Hot Days

When we sweat, and fail to top up our water levels, we risk dehydration. In hot weather, it’s easy for kids to get dehydrated – remember that thirst doesn’t always come first.

Alkaline water is MORE hydrating than regular water, and it keeps kids hydrated for longer – exactly what they need on warm weather days, long hikes or bike rides!

Alkaline Water for Mental Focus!

Back to school or college means back to switching on mental focus and concentration. Alkaline water can help with both!

Dehydration can have a profound effect on the brain – check out the Five Ways Water Affects Your Brain!

The Tyent Alkaline Water Taste Test!

From a kid’s point of view, it’s simple: alkaline water from a Tyent Water Ionizer tastes great – and that makes it easy to get them drinking plenty of it!

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