Hydrogen Water: Health or Hype?

You’ve already heard about alkaline hydrogen water. You know that notoriously hard-to-please celebrities love it. You probably know that millions of people around the world are huge fans of the pH-balancing, hottest-way-to-hydrate alkaline water, but still. Is it all smoke and mirrors or does alkaline water deliver what it promises?

Which, to be honest, is a lot.


Hydrogen Water Health or Hype


The Hydrogen Water Sports Star Fan Club

Hydrogen water is credited with everything from boosting your energy – a long list of sports stars swear by its performance-enhancing potency – to fending off and neutralizing damaging free-radicals in the environment.

The theory – and, it seems, a decent share of the science – behind drinking alkaline hydrogen water, is that it can support the healthy function of many aspects of our physiology.

Balancing your body’s pH level is crucial for good health. Our modern diet and lifestyle are much more likely to be acidic, which isn’t great. But wait – what exactly is ‘pH’? It actually stands for ‘Potential of Hydrogen,’ and relates to the balance of alkalinity and acidity in our blood. ‘Normal’ blood pH level is 7, or fractionally higher. Maintaining a healthful, balanced, slightly alkaline state is a very good thing indeed.

Science Trumps Scepticism?

Hydrogen water’s fame and reputation isn’t only the result of A-list fandom by any means – scientists and researchers have been studying the effects of alkaline hydrogen water for years now, and their astonishing findings can’t help but nudge aside any lingering cynicism.

It’s Real: Watch Alkaline Hydrogen Water at Work!

What’s also persuasive is the ever-growing number of people who drink alkaline water from a water ionizer at home, and talk passionately about the difference that it has made to their lives.

Want to see it in action? Check out what happens when you drink alkaline water!



A Safe Alternative to Tap Water

The thing is, we have to drink water. We have to drink a lot of it, every single day, in order to stay healthy. We know that the tap water to millions of American homes is rife with all kinds of contaminants. We also know that plastic water bottles are an expensive, environmental nightmare.

We need an alternative to both of these options. That’s why more and more people are installing a water ionizer at home, so that they can enjoy clean, safe, delicious alkaline water at the push of a button.

It’s also worth remembering that ‘hype’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If that enthusiastic, air-punching ‘hype’ is from happy alkaline water drinkers, who are reaping the benefits of alkaline water every day, then that tells its own story.

Health or Hype? The Verdict!

Whichever way you look at it, be it from a scientific point of view, of how our bodies respond to alkaline water, or the fact that with a water ionizer, your alkaline water is free from dangerous contaminants (or both!), the answer is the same.

No hype, only support for good health!



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2 thoughts on “Hydrogen Water: Health or Hype?

    1. Hi, Milla. Thanks so much for your question. Hydrogen water refers to water that has dissolved hydrogen molecules or H2. Alkaline water is produced through electrolysis and has higher pH levels and richer amounts of hydrogen than regular water. Both provide multiple health benefits. At Tyent, while our machines generally produce hydrogen-rich alkaline water, we also have a Hybrid unit that makes hydrogen water at a neutral pH level. If you use Tyent’s new hybrid ionizer, then you can get hydrogen water at a neutral pH level, which is good to drink with meals. This allows you to still get all of the benefits of molecular hydrogen at neutral pH levels.

      In traditional water ionizers, the higher the pH levels, the richer the amounts of hydrogen there is in the water. Traditionally, to get very high levels of molecular hydrogen, you had to raise the pH of the water to levels that are sometimes too high to drink. However, since Tyent added the feature Molecular Hydrogen Boost to our water ionizers, you’re able to get high levels of molecular hydrogen at a 9.5 pH, which is the healthiest to drink.

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