Sorry Soda.  It’s Not You.  It’s Us. 

On the 2nd August, published a report stating that bottled water is poised to outstrip soda sales, a new phenomenon which industry experts believe owes as much to the highly publicized water crisis which began (publicly at any rate) in Flint, MI., as it does to any real sea change in our health habits.

Sorry soda.  It’s all over between us.
Sorry soda.  It’s all over between us.

Just How Bad is Soda?

Even fans of soda know that there’s little to recommend it, in terms of what it contains; and in fact there’s mounting evidence that soda is actively harmful to our health.

Soft drink consumers are being exposed to an avoidable and unnecessary cancer risk from an ingredient that is being added to these beverages simply for aesthetic purposes.

This unnecessary exposure poses a threat to public health and raises questions about the continued use of caramel coloring in soda.”  

~ Dr Nachman, Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Water, Water Everywhere

We concur completely that bottled water is better for your health than soda, and so the news that more and more people are turning to water as an alternative is very positive.  However, isn’t there a better option than bottled water?  It’s not just the expense.  All bottled waters are not created equally, and some contain nothing more than plain filtered water.

“People feeling unsafe about their drinking water clearly leads them to drink it out of a bottle,”

 ~ Ali Dibadj, a consumer analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.

Taking Care of Planet Earth

What about the environment?  Drinking Tyent ionized water means fewer plastic bottles clogging up the landfill sites of America.  With a Tyent GoodLife bottle you can enjoy the many benefits of alkaline water on the move.  The same increased levels of hydration that sports professionals and athletes enjoy can be yours, along with health-boosting antioxidants and minerals.

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Worry-Free Water

The reports on America’s water are nothing short of scary.  How many of us can really be sure that the water coming out of our taps is completely safe for us to drink?  It’s worth remembering that Tyent ionizers feature the best pre-filters and medical grade filters in the world.

Get in Touch!

If you’ve recently ditched the soda then congratulations!  You’ve made a really positive change in your life that will pay dividends in terms of your health.  If the next step is to decide which Tyent ionizer is for you, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us .

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