Eat and Drink Like an Olympian?

The medals are home, the punishing training schedules slightly relaxed, and we can all start picking over the details of what was a pretty exhilarating Olympic Games in Rio.

We have to hold the flag this high so that Michael Phelps doesn’t eat it.
We have to hold the flag this high so that Michael Phelps doesn’t eat it.

There were some was truly exceptional moments; including anytime Simone Biles was competing, and of course, Michael Phelps.

What’s On The Olympic Menu?

We won’t be the first to mention that incredible food regime that Phelps adheres to in order to become the magnificent athlete he is; but the list of food that he consumes on an average day is pretty jaw-dropping!  The 12,000 calories that he puts away every day during his competitive training periods is more than many of us eat in a week.

How does a five egg omelet, grits, three slices of sugared French toast and three chocolate chip pancakes sound like for breakfast?  Actually, that’s your second breakfast.  You already had a three fried-egg and cheese sandwich a little earlier.

In The Greatest Shape of His Life

But of course, high intensity training for hours every day, five or six days per week, means that the amount of energy being burned is something that most of us can’t really comprehend.  And to be fair, Michael Phelps is patently in peak physical shape, plus the small matter of being the greatest swimmer in the world, so that diet ain’t harming him much.

And Something to Drink…?

In addition to the all important diet, more and more top athletes are installing Tyent water ionizers in their homes and where they train, so that the ultra-hydrating qualities of ionized water are on hand at all times.

…Alkaline Water, of Course!
Sportspeople and sports professionals know better than anyone the importance of staying hydrated during training.

dustin-ackley-v2Thanks to Tyent alkaline water, not only am I more hydrated, but I have had noticeably more energy. Soreness after games has decreased.”

~ Dustin Ackley, Seattle Mariners

Alkaline water is up to six times more hydrating than regular water.  That makes a colossal difference to anyone, never mind professional athletes, such as Olympic gold medalist and Tyent water fan, Clara Hughes.

It’s Not Over Yet!

The sun has set on the Olympics for now in Rio, although the Paralympics will shortly commence, so stay tuned for more magnificent performances.  Until then, enjoy a glass of chilled alkaline water and have a flick through what Michael Phelps has for dinner.

So what was the defining moment of the Olympic games for you?  Drop us a line and share!

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    1. Hi, Donovan. We’re happy to know you enjoy watching sports! 🙂 That’s a great way to see what the human body is capable of achieving.

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