5 Ways Water Affects Your Brain

The human body is made of water. It accounts for around two-thirds of our overall physiology. Every single cell needs it. Here’s another amazing fact: the human brain is around 75 – 78% water. So how does water affect your brain?

5 Ways Water Affects the Brain

1. Nutrients and Oxygen

Your brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow in order for it to function. Water is vital for the purpose of delivering essential elements and nutrients to your brain.

2. Dehydration and Cognitive Function

To put it plainly: when we don’t drink enough water, we cannot think clearly. Dehydration is bad news for your health. Among other things, it affects your skin, energy levels – and the brain.

When it’s dehydrated, your brain actually shrinks, and cerebral circulation is affected, which alters cognitive skills and memory function.

3. Mood and Emotions

Your brain governs your mood and how you feel. If you’re even slightly dehydrated, it’s enough to unsettle your mood – even if you don’t realize that you’re thirsty. It’s worth remembering that thirst doesn’t always come first.

If you’re feeling irritable, grab a glass of hydrogen water – the fastest way to hydrate.

4. Dehydration? Literally a Headache.

We mentioned that the brain shrinks when dehydration kicks in, and it’s not only your memory and mental acuity that are affected: it can cause crashing, debilitating headaches.

5. Sleeps Matters

Being hydrated means that you have healthy, oxygenated blood flow to the brain. This helps to induce a sense of calm, which aids a good night’s sleep. Also, during your sleeping hours, cerebrospinal fluid circulates your brain cells and helps to flush out toxins and debris.

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Amazing stuff!

So going back to the beginning of this blog, when you know that over 75% of your brain is actually made of water, it becomes clear that we should be striving to make sure the water that we drink is free from dangerous contaminants, ultra-hydrating and tastes amazing so that we want to drink plenty of it!

The hydrogen water from a Tyent Water Ionizer is meticulously filtered, rich in antioxidants and packed with natural hydrogen. For overall wellbeing and a happy, healthy brain, we all need to start making smart choices about our drinking water.

After all, we’re literally made of the stuff!

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