Losing Weight on a Traditional Diet

A traditional diet is kind of refreshing these days. It’s what our mothers – possibly our grandmothers – did to lose weight. In fact, it’s so old-school, that the out-of-fashion, traditional diet is starting to look a little… avant-garde.

But does it work as well as newer, shinier weight loss plans? Let’s find out!


What is a traditional diet?
What can I eat on a traditional diet?
How many carbs (or calories, etc.) can I have per day on a traditional diet?
What do doctors and experts say about a traditional diet?
What type of water or beverages are best to drink on a traditional diet?
What role does a Water Ionizer play in a traditional diet?

What is a traditional diet?

A traditional diet means cutting back on fat and sugar, consuming fewer calories than you burn, and dialing up your exercise program.

What can I eat on a traditional diet?

Make wholefoods, protein and high fiber foods the basis of most of your meals – they will help to make you feel full and satisfied for longer.

Don’t cut out any food groups, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, don’t skip meals (especially breakfast) and drink lots and lots of water.

How many carbs (or calories, etc.) can I have per day on a traditional diet?

Try an online calculator to check the optimum amount of calories that you should be consuming, based on your height, lifestyle, fitness levels and current weight.

As a broad yardstick, and discounting any unusual factors, the majority of women need to consume between 1200 and 1500 calories in order to lose weight at a healthy and sustainable rate. Most men should aim for no more than 2000 calories to kick start weight loss.

What do doctors and experts say about a traditional diet?

Good things, generally. A traditional diet, taken steadily and with a decent amount of fresh and whole foods, is a healthy way to lose weight. Increasing exercise is also something that the medical community actively encourages.

If you have any underlying health issues or concerns, or if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, then talking to your doctor first is a good idea.

What type of water or beverages are best to drink on a traditional diet?

Whatever the adverts try to tell you, diet soda isn’t a good choice at all. In fact, so-called ‘diet drinks’ can actually make you gain weight. Fresh juice might seem like a healthy choice, but it can cause your blood sugar to spike. All round, eating the whole fruit – as opposed to juice – is preferable.

Good drinks to enjoy on a traditional diet are: 

  • Green tea
  • Coffee and regular tea, taken black or with skim milk
  • Herbal tea
  • Water (particularly ionized water)
  • Vegetable juice
  • Homemade, water-based smoothies
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What role does a Water Ionizer play in a traditional diet?

Whatever weight loss plan you choose to follow, you will need to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. From a purely pleasurable point of view, Tyent ionized water tastes fantastically clear and delicious, which makes it SO easy to drink!

With its pH balancing alkalinity, high levels of vital minerals and natural antioxidants, ionized water from a water ionizer supports your diet and helps you to lose weight.

Plus, the molecular hydrogen in ionized water gives you energy to work out harder, and for longer! There’s a reason it’s the go-to choice for so many top athletes!

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2 thoughts on “Losing Weight on a Traditional Diet

    1. Hi, Tyler. Great question! It’s a bit of a long explanation, and please note that this is not a medical diagnosis or a detailed analysis of every chemical, hormone, enzyme, or function that takes place in the body. It’s more of a general explanation of how things work. It will help explain why your body needs alkaline minerals and Tyent alkaline water.

      It’s true that your stomach creates acid to help break down food for digestion. However, before the “broken-down” food (chyme) enters the small intestine, it needs to go back to a pH above 7, or it will damage other organs that it passes through, like your intestines.

      For chyme to return to an alkaline pH level, it pulls essential alkaline minerals from the bloodstream. Since minerals decrease as we age, it’s important to continually replenish them. By the time we hit our mid 40’s, we have consumed so much excess acidic foods that the alkaline mineral supply is starting to run out and the pH of our blood cells turns from homeostasis 7.365 – 7.45 pH (balanced) to acidosis and our body reacts by manifesting degenerative diseases like gout, acid reflux, diabetes, and cancer – just to name a few.

      Drinking the Tyent Alkaline Water helps replace the alkaline minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium that your body needs.

      More importantly, Tyent alkaline water is loaded with molecular hydrogen, which is a super antioxidant and great for anti-aging, hydration, recovery during workouts, weight management, increased energy levels, and a great detox for the skin.

      Molecular hydrogen has an effect on every major organ in the body. Plus, there are over 1000 studies of the health benefits of the molecular hydrogen in our water too. Check out the studies in this awesome blog.

      We’d love to answer more of your questions, so feel free to call our water experts at 855-893-6887 so that they can help you.

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