How To Lose Weight With Alkaline Water | 9 Weight Loss Benefits

Feature | How To Lose Weight With Alkaline Water | Weight Loss Benefits

Say goodbye to pudgy arms, chubby thighs, and belly fat by applying these nine ways on how to lose weight with alkaline water.

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In this article:

  1. It Makes You Feel Full
  2. It Stops Cravings
  3. Boosts Your Metabolism
  4. Dehydration Leads to Fatigue
  5. Alkaline Water Rehydrates Faster
  6. Supports the Digestive Tract
  7. Boosts the Immune System
  8. Improves Muscle Function
  9. Balances pH Levels

How to Lose Weight | 9 Ways Alkaline Water Reduces Fat

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1. It Makes You Feel Full

Do you find it hard to control your meal portions?

It’s hard to tell when to stop eating, especially if there’s a lot of food on your plate.

One quick weight loss trick you can try is to drink a glass of alkaline water before eating. That way, you’ll already feel full before you even eat.

Plus, the body needs sufficient water to produce digestive juices. Otherwise, you’ll only end up feeling bloated and constipated.

Down a glass or two at least 30 minutes before a meal for best results.

2. It Stops Cravings

It Stops Cravings | How To Lose Weight With Alkaline Water | Weight Loss Benefits

One of the best answers to how to lose weight fast is to stop eating too much. One reason many fail with their weight loss journey is they succumb to temptation.

When you’re on a strict, low-calorie diet, it becomes even harder to resist the fatty, greasy foods you love. But if you want to lose weight fast, you need to stick to a solid diet plan that aligns with your goals.

To help you commit to a diet plan, opt to drink more glasses of alkaline water every day.

There are times where we can’t differentiate between hunger and thirst. By drinking one or two glasses of alkaline water, you may feel a sense of satisfaction and fullness for the next couple of hours.

3. Boosts Your Metabolism

A good way to lose weight passively is to increase your metabolism, the rate at which your body expends calories and fats. By doing so, your body can effectively burn unnecessary fat 24/7.

With a healthy, speedy metabolism, you can shed excess body fat whether you’re awake or asleep.

Apart from regular exercise, drinking cold alkaline water can drastically boost your metabolism. This increase stems from the excess energy it takes to heat cold water up to body temperature.

Around 8 to 10 glasses of cold alkaline water every day may just be the extra push your body needs to improve its resting metabolic state.

Resting Metabolic State Definition: The state at which the body metabolizes energy at a completely steady and post-absorptive scenario.

4. Dehydration Leads to Fatigue

The best way to lose weight is to combine proper diet and exercise. But when you’re on a low-calorie diet, you may feel tired and sluggish.

While eating the right foods may boost your energy, you can’t ignore the energy-boosting benefits alkaline water offers.

In fact, you only need to lose 1% of your water to become dehydrated and fatigued. You can’t expect to go hard during your workout session if you don’t even have the energy to stand up.

That’s why it’s very important to rehydrate, most especially when you’re working out.

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5. Alkaline Water Rehydrates Faster

Now that you know the importance of hydrating properly, it’s time to understand what the fastest ways to quench your thirst is.

Most gym-goers heavily depend on sugar-filled energy drinks for their hydration. But the quickest way to lose weight is to stick to the zero-calorie alkaline water.

It’s also worth noting that alkaline water rehydrates the body faster than regular water does.

When you’re out on the field, track, court, or gym, you need to supply your muscles with water as fast as you can.

While regular water does a good job at hydration, alkaline water does it faster. The intestines absorb alkaline water much quicker than regular water.

6. Supports the Digestive Tract

Supports the Digestive Tract | How To Lose Weight With Alkaline Water | Weight Loss Benefits

A dry colon spells constipation and bloating. If you want to achieve a flat, toned tummy, then you need to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Drinking alkaline water regularly lubricates the colon so it can function properly. A healthy colon can flush out all the toxins and chemicals that ruin the digestive tract.

Pair proper hydration with a healthy diet for best results. Try to cut back on fatty foods that give the colon a hard time.

Consume leafy vegetables that support alkaline water in cleaning the digestive tract. Instead of a greasy burger from your favorite fast food joint, opt for a clean, light salad.

7. Boosts the Immune System

Drinking alkaline water regularly eliminates damaging free-radicals, then turns them into oxygen. Not only does it give us a disease-free body, but it also gives us more energy than we originally had.

8. Improves Muscle Function

Dehydration leads to tight joints.

If you want to exercise without worrying about inflammation or joint pain, then hydrate with some refreshing alkaline water. It helps lubricate and loosen joints so you can enjoy a flexible, sore-free body.

Also, properly hydrating will help you last longer. It doesn’t matter if you’re working out in an air-conditioned fitness center, you still need to rehydrate with water to maximize muscle function.

Tip: To effectively avoid joint pain, remember to do some stretching both before and after a workout session. Jumping right into your exercises will damage your muscles and joints.

9. Balances pH Levels

One’s acid level rises based on a number of factors, including poor diet, constant stress, and pollution in the environment. Drinking alkaline water helps neutralize the acidity in your body.

You may think that acidity has nothing to do with fat loss. But on the contrary, your pH level is a determining factor on whether or not you can lose weight.

You can commit to the best diet to lose weight fast or follow the most effective weight loss tips and still see no results if you have high acid levels.

Fat is acidic. If you want to shed it off you have to find a way for it to enter the bloodstream then eventually turn it into energy.

But if acid is sticking to each fatty cell in your body, you can’t discard them so easily. Opt to drink alkaline water regularly so you can restore a healthy pH level and eventually decrease acidity.

Tip: Try to cut back on fizzy and alcoholic drinks. Not only do they raise your acid levels, but your body stores these as belly fat as well.

You won’t achieve a fit, sexy body if you keep sipping Sprite and Margaritas every single weekend.


Find out how alkaline drink helps reduce lower body fat from WaysandHow:

Remember: there’s no surefire way how to lose weight in a week or less. Making small, effective lifestyle changes is much better than taking on an intense crash diet plan.

For example, something as simple as switching to Tyent alkaline water can help you on your fitness journey. Overall, combining proper hydration, healthy diets, and regular exercise is really the best way to lose weight fast.

Did this help you learn how to lose weight by drinking alkaline water? Post your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

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How To Lose Weight With Alkaline Water | 9 Weight Loss Benefits

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  1. Alkaline water is very useful for those who have problems with their weight. Drinking alkaline water helps significantly in weight loss because it reduces fat storage. A body with a healthy base content loses weight more easily than a body with high acidity.

    Thanks for the Article!

    1. Hi, Rupesh. Thanks for your comment. Alkaline water indeed boosts your body’s hydration and alkalinity levels, aiding in healthy long-term weight loss.

    1. Hi, Rupesh. We’re happy that you agree with this article. Drinking alkaline water is one of the best choices that you can make for your own health.

  2. I have been drinking alkaline water from a lot of years now. This surely has a lot of benefits for the human body.

    1. Hi, Stefan. We’re so glad to hear that alkaline water works for you! Are you using a Tyent water ionizer? If not, we recommend that you look into purchasing one, as our hydrogen-rich alkaline water is the healthiest kind that you can choose for yourself. You can apply for our financing program for as little as $25 per month or call us at 855-893-6887 so that our water ionizer experts can happily discuss this with you.

  3. I always drink one glass of alkaline water before each meal. Keeps my tummy full and happy! 🙂 Good tips.

  4. Wonderful tips! Water is definitely still the best weight loss drink out there. It’s the secret to many athletes’ great bodies, I’m sure.

    1. Hi, Maria. Not at all! Our top water ionizer models can produce pH levels from 1.7 pH up to 12.5 pH depending on your source water, so you can get various levels of acidic and alkaline water along with a neutral setting that’s good for meals.

      Should you have other questions, you may reach out to our water experts at 855-893-6887.

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