Three Healthy Foods That Will Stop You Losing Weight!

If you’re hoping to shed a few lingering winter pounds by the summer, then eating right will be on your radar about now.  

Looks healthy? Check again…

There are a few foods that we tend to think of as being “healthy” choices that might be hampering your attempts to drop a few pounds rather than helping!

  • Not-So-Great Granola

There’s no doubt that granola is a delicious thing to eat and can be full of good, wholesome things: nuts, oats, seeds and dried fruit, to name a few.  Wholegrains are so good for us, with the potential to lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

However, that crunchy, feel-good bowl of yumminess might also be packing a sugary punch to rival your favorite candy bar and contain more fat than a portion of fries!  Don’t give up the granola, but check the label carefully or even try making your own!

  • A Dressing Down

Salad is awesome, but that dressing might undo all your good work!  Make your own simple salad dressing from olive or avocado oil with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar.  Commercial versions can contain processed soybean oil and high-fructose corn syrup that have no place in a healthy eating plan!  

  • Fruit Juice Facts

Look, we’re not saying that fruit juice is a bad thing.  Fresh juice can be an enjoyable part of a healthy diet, but if you’re trying to drop a few pounds, then too much fresh fruit juice isn’t your friend.  Why? Well, it’s high in sugar and it’s just not the same as eating a piece of fruit.

Eating whole fruit means that you take in the important fiber part of the fruit as well, which slows down the release of those sugars into your bloodstream.  Fruit juice is delicious and refreshing, but not a great choice for losing weight.

Try a Water Ionizer Instead!

Drinking ionized hydrogen water is unbeatable for hydration, energy and can even help you to lose weight, as nutritional expert and health guru Lori Shemek explains so well!  

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2 thoughts on “Three Healthy Foods That Will Stop You Losing Weight!

  1. Sad to see salad dressing here even if you’re right! I really really love Caesar salad, but maybe I shouldn’t eat it so often so I don’t gain lots of weight.

    1. Hi, Jason. It’s good that you have a salad dressing that you really enjoy, but cutting down on that will definitely be the healthier decision. Pair that with a glass of alkaline water for maximum health benefits!

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